Introductions all around

"Not a lot to tell." Jules told the good looking boy. "I like music, natch, it's kind of the family business. Best subjects are science and math which works out well because Romy's good in English and History."

"To be fair, History's kind of useless." Romy interjected. "If you can say 'hey Google...' there's no need for a history teacher." Even with that philosophy, she liked the subject, mostly because of politics. She wanted to run for student government at one point until Jules convinced her how lame that would be.

"Study buddies." Jules continued as she and Romy locked pinkie fingers. "Besides that, I cheer, play guitar, and sing, usually lead. Feels like I'm filling out a tinder app." She joked. "I'm compelled to add 'long walks on the beach." Mentally, she made a note to wear sunglasses when around Jack, if he could read eyes that is. "Romy told me you all were into marital arts. Black belts? That's pretty impressive stuff. "Are all of you from around here? Were you friends before Foxcraft?" As she waited for the answer, she sized up the cafeteria. Varsity cheer squad sat up front, she'd have to concentrate on making that table. Super hot blonde boy, that had to be the one Romy was gushing about, Austin Lynch. It's not like Romy called Dibs.

Sketch looked up from his book to see what the new girl was drawing. He wasn't sure what the theme was supposed to be, self expression or what have you, so he drew things which he felt symbolized him. A tank for how he played on the field, a keg for how he played off the field, and for good measure, he drew the silhouette of the new girl on the tank like a 50's pinup girl.

Liz didn't much care what they did, she encouraged freedom of expression or what not. Sketch didn't much care either.

"That's pretty good." He commented to the new girl. "Red, channels a lot of anger, but these lines soften it up soon. You got some talent."

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