Open Up A Little

"That's pretty good." He commented to the new girl. "Red, channels a lot of anger, but these lines soften it up soon. You got some talent."

Cas looked up at the boy who had spoken to her then back at her drawing.
"thanx.. I don't really do art.. Just scribbles like this" in truth Cas didn't think she had much talent. It all looked like a pre k drawing to her.
She twirled and paint brush in her hand and stared at the floor. For some reason she felt this one said to much about her and had the sudden urge to tear it up. Instead she distracted her self. " what you got there?" she asked as she peeked at his sketch and a small smile crossed her face. It was simple but you could tell it was all him. "nice"
Something began to buzz in the back of her mind. Memories maybe. Art did that to her. Opened her up more than she wanted. She needed to slam the door shut. She stood up and grabbed her jacket. She turned to the teacher.
"I'm out" the she looked back at the guy. He was cute. She liked his eyes. "I'm Cas... I'll catch you later yeah?" then she started out the door.
She needed to find a buzz.. Trouble boy...he would know were to get something. But she didn't really have the energy for him...the other guy looked like he might she didn't know why she didn't ask... Probably the teacher in the room.


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