Jules meanwhile had moved on the other side of Austin, and turned the conversation to music. She used her flirty voice which was okay with Romy, because it's not like she'd called Dibs on him. Out of the corner of her eye she saw Beck with some of the other guys from the football team. She briefly made eye contact with him while one of his teammates made a crude comment about 'getting with twins." Romy turned her attention back to Lily and Jack while Jules chatted up Austin.

Naomi smirked as Jules quickly went after Austin and Beck was talking a lot of crap as usual. As a player he had a crappy sense of fair play. Londyn was oblivious to all the drama since she was shopping on her phone again. In a few days poor Lilly was going to be living in a cramped room full of merchandise. Lilly was glad she landed Jack quickly since she noticed lots of girls trying to hunt the choice guys in the school. Jack just quietly smiled as he noticed a lot of odd behavior.

"So you both were in tournaments? That's awesome. How long did it take you to get to black belt?"

Lilly: Well my dad started training me when I was four and I got my black belt the summer before high school so that would make me fourteen when I got mine. But its rare to get one as early as I did. My dad trained me everyday so that is different from normal classes which are one or two times a week. Jack on the other hand is an even rarer case than mine. How old were you when you got yours?

Jack blushed as he was being put in the spotlight by Lilly. Normally he didn't brag since it made him feel like a show off, but since he was asked he felt no need to be deceiving.

Jack: Wow I was really young when it happened.

Lilly: Come on Jack don't be shy.

Naomi: Yes do tell.

Londyn then spoke while playing on her phone as if she was partially paying attention to their conversation.

Londyn: He was eight.

Lilly: Wow.

Naomi: Seriously? Eight years old?

Lilly: I knew you were a prodigy but I heard you got it at ten.

Jack: Well you are both right. I got my black belt in Shotokan Karate at eight. Then I got my black belts in Wado-ryu, Taekwondo, Judo, Brazilian Jiu-Jitsu, Muay Thai, Wing Chun and Aikido between nine and ten. At that point Gramps took me all over the place to local tournaments till I ended up as the World Champ.

Naomi: So where and when did you meet Londyn?

Londyn: We met at some big Martial Art Movie Promo Tournament.

Jack: Oh yeah that was six years ago. I'm surprised you remember that Londyn.

Londyn: Of course I do. It was the year I realized Karate wasn't fake like in the movies.

Jack: Yeah well........

Naomi: I think she is confusing Karate with wresting.

Lilly: Really?

Jack: Not really since she watched a lot of behind the scenes stuff at movie recordings.

Naomi: Oh that makes sense then.

Londyn: Yeah Mr. Bodyguard here did all those moves without the wires and wedgies.

Jack: Yeah lucky me.

Lilly: Awww I bet you looked so cute.

Jack blushed as Lilly teased him.

Londyn: He looked the same but shorter. Honestly for a while I thought he was a midget.

Jack chuckled at Londyn's comment.

Jack: But I did grow a bit since then.

Londyn: No kidding. Now your bigger than me.

Naomi: So how long will it take to get our black belt?

Lilly: Well it depends on how long it takes you all to master all the moves and pass all the rank tests.

Naomi: Tests?

Jack: They have you demonstrate the moves you learn for each belt plus the ones below that too. So right now you only learn the yellow belt moves to earn your yellow belt and kata, but when you take the orange belt test you will show off the orange and yellow belt moves as well. This goes on all the way to black belt and each rank up to ten levels.

Naomi: Wow so like you have five stripes on your belt so does that make you a better fighter?

Lilly: Not really.

Jack: She is right the stripes only mean that you not only still master the basics, but you also contribute a service to the martial arts in various ways such as research reports, years of service or in my case winning tournaments.

Lilly: Granted we will never be like Jack here, but with him helping out we won't have to worry about jerks trying to push us around. Right?

Jack: Of course. Self defense is a must in this art. There are to many criminals out there.

Londyn: Oh yeah. When Mr. Bodyguard took down that jerk who stole my purse he was like POW, BAM and BOOM! It was so awesome. If he wasn't underage Daddy would have made him my bodyguard their.

Jack: Well if you ladies get more interested I could show you some simple self defense moves to protect yourselves from criminals, but you will need to practice them daily in order to remember to use them in a real situation of course. Sometimes people panic and forget their training.

Naomi: I like that idea, cause I have a problem with stalkers all the time. What do you think Romy?

Meanwhile Mandy was feeling a bit pathetic as she failed to get Jack to see her as a cute girl who had it bad for him. She stirred her pudding as she was at a loss for thoughts.


It was just him and Palsey in the classroom, and she looked burned. She'd hit the vending machine twice and rolled a fattie right there in the room. "It's just tobacco. " She told him when she caught him looking over. He took that as his cue that art club was over for the day.

Once Ty left the room Liz sniffed her fattie and sighed as she contemplated her crappy future teaching rich brats to do art. She needed the money but she hated working for a living after he last plan to take it easy with a rich nerdy husband failed miserably. She dreaded her weekends of going to bars and clubs to date more losers. Granted she liked attractive guys, but the ones she met at the clubs and bars were not wealthy and only wanted a one night stand with her. It was to much work to land a rich guy and she needed a break from everything. Sadly she was in no position to rock the boat so she had to suck it up and do her job. Then an idea hit her as she looked up the male staff members in the school. She was hoping to find a wealthy guys she could manipulate. She would even consider a Senior to groom but it was a big risk and he would have to be a total loser since young guys prefer young girls. So she scrolled through the laptop hoping for a better choice.


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