Comings and goings

"Teammates." Ty replied with a shrug. "Football's a team sport. I play running back, Chace QB's... " He smiled warmly. "But you don't look like you're big into football. Let's just say Chace and I don't see eye to eye on everything. For one thing, he thinks art is a huge waste of time. " Ty helped himself to one of her french fries.

Romy balked for a moment before leaving.

Lilly: Karate was made so a weaker person can defeat a stronger person.
Jack: All Martial arts give a person better odds in a fight, but you are right. We will need to master two moves first, then we master two more. We do that till you master all of them.
Naomi: Sounds intense.
Londyn: It is that's why I won't do it.
Jack: Well your dad can afford the best bodyguards so.
Londyn: Yeah me! (clapping)
Lilly: But Jack is right in that we can still learn it.

"When?" Romy asked. "I mean, not that there's a rush or anything."

"I don't know if they'll be time." Jules responded. "I mean, if we want to make varsity cheer, that means two-a-days practices. And then there's music. " Romy opened her mouth to add something else, but decided she'd save her questions til when she could talk to Jack or Lilly without Jules. She wasn't sure why Jules was so down on the whole karate thing, but one thing was for sure, she knew she wouldn't change Jules' mind when there were boys around.

"The papers aren't going to write themselves." She said. "I'll catch you all tomorrow. Lilly, see you in cheer!"

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