Bad Choices

"When?" Romy asked. "I mean, not that there's a rush or anything."

"I don't know if they'll be time." Jules responded. "I mean, if we want to make varsity cheer, that means two-a-days practices. And then there's music. " Romy opened her mouth to add something else, but decided she'd save her questions til when she could talk to Jack or Lilly without Jules. She wasn't sure why Jules was so down on the whole karate thing, but one thing was for sure, she knew she wouldn't change Jules' mind when there were boys around.

"The papers aren't going to write themselves." She said. "I'll catch you all tomorrow. Lilly, see you in cheer!"

Lilly: Yeah sure. (waving)

Jack: Later.

Austin: See ya.

Naomi: Bye.

Londyn: (looking up from her phone) Huh? What?

Lilly: Well I guess we should head back since we still have homework.

Jack: Yeah good idea.

The group of friends were heading back to the dorms when Chase and his buddies were blocking their path while eating a Po-Boy Sandwich. They had a smug look on their faces as they swallowed the food and puffed out their chests. Jack already knew what they were going to do as he moved in front of the girls with a calm expression and a smile.

Jack: Excuse us, but we would like to get by.

Chase: Really now pretty boy. You're pretty brave after giving me that look earlier. How about you hand over those ladies and we let you off the hook?

Naomi: What tha f....!!

Londyn: Oh hell no!

Lilly: Are you for real?

Austin: Seriously dude?

Jack: And how about you apologize and back off before things escalate?

Thug 1: Oh looks like the pretty boy wants to throw down.

Thug 2: How about we take his ponytail as a trophy?

Thug 1: Oh then we can hang him on the flag pole by his tidy-whities.

The three boys laughed at their own humor as Jack remained calm.

Lilly: Jack?

Jack: Londyn are these guys bothering you?

Londyn: Hell yeah! They are keeping me from seeing if my packages are here yet. Feel free to mess them up if they don't vamooose!

Lilly: Vamooose?

Jack: She means go away.

Lilly: Oh. Okay. Should I take care of them Jack?

Jack: Under different circumstances I would love to see you in action Lilly, but if Londyn puts me on the clock I won't have to worry about legal issues when they sick their lawyers on me.

Naomi: Oh.........I get it.

Austin: You work for Londyn?

Jack: In a manner of speaking. Its a long story.

Chase: Oh how touching. I won't need a lawyer when I am done with you......I'll be calling a coroner.

The thugs laughed as they stared down Jack with cruel eyes. Then they three of them attacked Jack with a powerful roundhouse punch, but sadly before they could connect Jack dropped to one knee and did a knife hand strike three inches below their belly button when caused them to bend halfway over and shake in place. They moaned in pain as Jack got up and scooted his friends back away from the three football jocks. Londyn was busy video recording the event the entire time as she giggled.

Jack: We should get back quickly.

Londyn: That was so funny.

Lilly: What was that move Jack?

Jack: Brown punch.

Lilly: You can't be serious!

Austin: What's a brown punch.

Naomi: Yeah spill it Jack.

Jack: Well they are about to so see for yourself.

At that moment Chase and his two meathead buddies were standing while shaking and halfway bent over in pain, when they quickly felt their stomach rumble loudly.

Lilly: Oh this is gonna be sick.

Austin: Will you just tell us already?

Lilly: The Brown punch where you hit the nerve cluster controlling the lower intestine to trigger it off.

Naomi: What does that mean?

Suddenly all three football players began soiling themselves uncontrollably while in serious pain. It was gross and oddly humorous at the same time, especially Londyn who recorded it for her blog later.

Jack: Sorry I think I over did it.

Lilly: You mean you held back with those Knife hand strikes?

Jack: Well yeah. I didn't want to maim or kill them.

Naomi: That's messed up Jack.

Jack: Sorry.

Londyn: Don't sweat it Mr. Bodyguard. They had it coming for bothering me.

Jack: As usual you like to keep things simple Londyn.

Londyn: Of course now kiss your girlfriend good night so she can help me open my packages.

Lilly: Wait what?

Naomi: Don't sweat it Lilly. I'll help since its my hobby too.

Lilly was a bit shocked as she turned to Jack and gave him a peck on the lips and a wink before leaving with the girls to their dorm. Jack was a bit shocked by the kiss as he looked at Austin who was amused.

Jack: Well we might want to leave before it stinks even more.

Austin: Good idea. You gotta teach me that move man.

Jack: All in good time.

Austin then flipped off the three jocks as he left with Jack. The three jocks were in serious pain as they continued to destroy their pants as they groaned in pain. Eventually several students gathered around them and made rude comments about the smell. One kid called for the nurse to help the three jocks out. It was a vary bad situation and would fuel the rumor mill for a good while.

Once they arrived in their dorm Jack and Austin got to work on their homework and when they were done Jack began teaching Austin one self defense move. Jack told him to master the first one before he learned more or he would get confused. That and some of the moves were only slightly different so they got easier as you learned more of them.

The next morning Jack got up and freshened up for breakfast. On the way out he woke up Austin before he headed out to meet up with Lilly in the cafeteria.


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