Teammates." Ty replied with a shrug. "Football's a team sport. I play running back, Chace QB's... " He smiled warmly. "But you don't look like you're big into football. Let's just say Chace and I don't see eye to eye on everything. For one thing, he thinks art is a huge waste of time. " Ty helped himself to one of her french fries.

Cas smiled at him. "well thats just terrible isn't it. How could he not like art? " she had no idea why she liked ty. She didn't mind talking to him. " i love it. I just never like anything i make" she said as she watched him eat her food. Strangly that didnt bother her either. " do you guys have a game coming up soon? Are you any good? I dont want to go watch you get owned." she teased. As she talked to him she relized she didnt feel like being high.. Anf memerios wernt eating her. Weird. At least he was distracting.

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