Sketch / Switch

Cas smiled at him. "well thats just terrible isn't it. How could he not like art? "i love it. I just never like anything i make" she said as she watched him eat her food. Strangly that didnt bother her either. " do you guys have a game coming up soon? Are you any good? I dont want to go watch you get owned." she teased.

"Friday. Ty replied. "Next game is Friday against Prescott. We're pretty even matched record wise, so either way it'll be a hell of a game. I'm 33. My number, that is. " He took out his phone and smiled. "I gave you my number, want to give me yours?"

Both Romy and Jules heard about what happened in the hallway with Chase and his friends, both were very happy they weren't there for it. Romy had taken the opportunity to talk to Beck for a bit before meeting up with Jules to swap homework.

Early the next morning, they were treated to a bit of bad news when Karla informed them she wouldn't let Jules try out.

"No exceptions." She said flatly. "Tryouts happened, if you didn't bother to show, that's not on us."

"Even if someone wasn't at school yet?" Romy asked, feeling guilty.

"There's always next year." Karla said with a shrug. "JV'ers practice out on the track. Gym is reserved for Varsity. So whichever of you is Romy best get going, 3 lates and you're cut from the team."

"I am." Jules piped up. "I'm Romy." The real Romy shot Jules a look, but nodded in agreement. She and Jules did agree to share if it came down to it, she just didn't think it was actually going to. She'd thought Karla would at least give Jules a chance.

She watched Jules' ponytail swing back and forth as she trotted outside to the track. Intstead, Romy-Jules went back inside to have breakfast.

"Hey....." Austin said, pointing at her when she passed him in the cafeteria.

"Jules." She replied. "Romy's at practice for cheer"

"Jules. Did you hear about Chace and his goons yesterday?" Romy-Jules held up a hand.

"Don't. How you didn't throw up is beyond me." She laughed.

"It was sick. I mean really sick. They're pissed, but I mean, what are they going to do about it? They won't try that again, that's for sure. Jack showed me a couple of karate moves this morning to work on."

"Really? Can you show me?"

"Sure! But you might want to have someone with a little more experience around, I might screw it up. Are you thinking about joining the Karate class too?"

"What do you mean? I... I mean, yeah. Maybe. Probably. Romy said it was kind of cool. And she did sign my name up for it."

"That would be awesome." He said with a smile. "The Sensei's are a little leery of boy/girl sparring, but it would be great to see you both in the club. Want to grab something to eat?" Romy-Jules nodded, and joined him on line.

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