The Other Girl

Breakfast with Lilly was short and sweet as she had to eat and run, but not before kissing Jack. She gave him a sly naughty smile as she looked at him and winked.

Lilly: I'll text you when I am free Jack.

Jack: Okay. I'll look forward to it.

Lilly: No cheating okay.

Jack: Of course not. I am not ready for an angry Lilly.

Lilly: Good (kiss on the nose)

After parting ways Londyn and Naomi arrived at the table to join Jack. They talked about their day and plans for later on. They avoided the topic of Jack's encounter with Chace and his two goons since it was a taboo subject at breakfast.

"Jules. Did you hear about Chace and his goons yesterday?" Romy-Jules held up a hand.

"Don't. How you didn't throw up is beyond me." She laughed.

"It was sick. I mean really sick. They're pissed, but I mean, what are they going to do about it? They won't try that again, that's for sure. Jack showed me a couple of karate moves this morning to work on."

"Really? Can you show me?"

"Sure! But you might want to have someone with a little more experience around, I might screw it up. Are you thinking about joining the Karate class too?"

"What do you mean? I... I mean, yeah. Maybe. Probably. Romy said it was kind of cool. And she did sign my name up for it."

"That would be awesome." He said with a smile. "The Sensei's are a little leery of boy/girl sparring, but it would be great to see you both in the club. Want to grab something to eat?" Romy-Jules nodded, and joined him on line.

Jack looked up and saw one of the Shylock twins in line with Austin. Soon Naomi noticed them as well while Londyn was on her phone as usual.

Naomi: Looks like Jules might be joining us for breakfast.

Jack: Looks like it.

Jack thought it was weird that Jules was acting like Romy in her mannerisms, but figured he should leave things be.

Naomi: So Lilly and Romy should be busy with cheer club, so do you think we can do some self defense stuff while we wait?

Jack: Of course. I texted Sensei Gillete if it was cool and he said yes. We can use the same gym room to practice on weekdays since he and Sensei Munroe are available. As long as we follow the rules of safety its cool.

Naomi: Sweet. So will it just be us?

Jack: Sensei was suppose to text.......

Suddenly everyone in the Karate Club got a text about "Self Defense Class will be available on non Karate Club days at the same place and same time." Naomi smirked as she read it.

Naomi: Well that answers my question.

Jack: Sure does.

Just then Mandy approach Jack with a nervous expression on her face. Jack then smiled at her and spoke up.

Jack: Oh hey Mandy. Did you get the text about self defense class after school?

Mandy saw her opening and went for it.

Mandy: Yes I was hoping you could teach me some of your moves.

Naomi: Down girl.

Jack: Huh? You mean self defense moves? If so then yes. I think its great for females to learn to do self defense with the number of male jerks out there. Hec I know a few that go here as it is.

Naomi: No kidding.

Mandy: I know I think its great how you dealt with that Chace guy. He thinks that since he is rich he can do what ever he wants.

Londyn: What a joke. Who does he think he is me?

Jack: There can only be one of you Londyn.

Londyn: That's right. Clapping) Yeah me!

Naomi: You go girl.

Londyn did a victory wiggle for no reason.

At this point Mandy then began telling Jack how awesome he was when she saw his tournament at the US Open. Naomi felt pity for her as Jack was not on the same page as her. She looked at her like a fan and Lilly as a goddess, so it was clear this poor girl was no threat to the relationship. So she decided to let the girl figure out she was fighting a loosing battle.


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