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New Beginings

Nov 18, 2018, 12:25am by Jaxx

Jack Slade found himself running from his enemies as his mission turned south real quick after killing his target. Bullets whizzed by as he desperately tried to escape. Sadly one made it m ...


Nov 11, 2018, 9:32am by EdgeLord564

I was thinking we'd meet up at the cathedral like how players in d&d always meet up at a tavern. ...

OOC - cathedral

Nov 10, 2018, 7:15pm by tychobi

Yes. I figure im from a different era but same place. Im happy to wake up in the field. The Hunters would probably not recognize me and bury me in a paupers grave? Battle scene coming up ...


Nov 5, 2018, 1:37pm by EdgeLord564

What I was going for was that you were in a battle and then woke up in the field. Killing the betrayor definitely counts as a fight though. Is the cathedral you mentioned the same as the one ...

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