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Summary: "What is your desire? If your conviction is great enough it may come to fruition."


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Gender: Female

Age: +300

Group: NPC

Weapon(s) of choice

Dark magic, a cursed pike, servants and gauntlets.


Chainmail beneath her robes.



Physical Appearance

An aging women with knee length straight silver hair and several layers of black fur robes covering her frail body. Her hands are adorned with clawed platinum full finger rings.

Personality and Interests

She speaks only in a growled Contralto voice to anyone she interacts with no matter the situation. She's rather mercurial as she can switch from calm to furious in a matter of moments. she's courteous to those who show respect to her but does not even respond to rudeness.


She reveals little about herself other than having occupied the cathedral for well over three centuries.




Pyromancy, Umbramancy, familiar summoning(imps, gremlins and mental sprites), and accelerated healing.

Greatest Desire

To fulfill the desires of others.

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Image of Anastasia
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