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Summary: Atima is a lithe and dangerous demon hunter

Atima Morsano

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Gender: Female

Age: Mid 20's

Group: Player

Weapon(s) of choice

Rapier and bullwhip

Heavy crossbow

Vials of holy oil

Fire Bombs


Fine tooled black leather with case steel gorget gauntlets and greaves.



Physical Appearance

Raven haired beauty smirking under a wide brimmed black hat. Long legs and a slender build are usually hidden under a large grey cloak with a high collar. Her movements are precise and flicker fast.

Personality and Interests

Cold and unforgiving. She thrives on challenge and violence. She is fairly naive and misunderstands indirect language.


The Abbott Reikenwald found Atima as baby in a cave. Indoctrinated from that moment as a chosen warrior this fanatic lives to protect her adopted family. The monks of Thornmire Abby raised her and taught her the ways of the demon hunter. She has been told that her destiny is to kill an ancient damon who killed her kin. The Abbott sends her as his living weapon to scythe back the creeping tendrils of evil before they flower into disaster.




None. All Atima's magic come from 3 items of power given by The Abbott.

The Shroud of Forced Penance: made from the haunted ash taken from the pyre of the Girona coven who were burned alive together in their sanctum. 66 women and children were immolated for their heretical beliefs and misunderstood magic. Their souls and ash are powerful insulation vs magic and fire. One of the captured souls sometimes whispers forgiveness and advice to the wearer of the cloak.

Rapture Lash: bull whip that paralyzes those it touches

Holy Seal of Thornmire: pendant that regenerates wounds and warns of danger

Greatest Desire

Eradication of all evil spirits alive and dead.

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Image of Atima Morsano
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