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Summary: A strong and curious man with a violent past

Death Scythe

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Gender: Male

Age: Unknown looks 22

Group: Player

Weapon(s) of choice

An enchanted battle scythe. The pole length can vary in length depending on the user up to 20 ft. The bottom four pronged spike on the bottom is attached to a hidden chain in the handle and can extend as long as the user desires up to 50 ft. The blade is enchanted and can poison anyone it cuts with paralysis toxin.


Enchanted samurai armor, It can regenerate from damage taken based on the user's mana. It is highly resistant to damage, elements and magic attacks.


Fighter- Samurai

Physical Appearance

He is 6'2, muscular built and has light skin with blue eyes and black hair.

Personality and Interests

He is unsure about his current status but remembers a vague life of violence. He believes he used to be a professional killer.


Death Scythe aka Jack Slade was a professional shadow killer till he was killed in a violent and brutal explosion. When he awoke he was in a new world and wearing armor with a battle scythe. Now he is looking for answers.




He is an Adept fighter, meaning he can use his mana to increase his stats temporally in combat. His mana is also connected to his armor and battle scythe.

Greatest Desire

Finding out his purpose in the new world.

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Image of Death Scythe
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