New Beginings

Jack Slade found himself running from his enemies as his mission turned south real quick after killing his target. Bullets whizzed by as he desperately tried to escape. Sadly one made it mark and he felt it penetrate his kidney from behind before he was able to take cover. As he was panting for breath he checked his blood and saw it was a maroon red as he had a pained look on his face. he knew right away his kidney was hit and he would be dead in less than eight hours unless he got to a hospital soon. Sadly he was trapped in a building with a lot of angry and armed hired goons determined to finish him off so he regained his resolve to take them with him to the grave. Jack then pulled out his throwing knives and reloaded his guns before controlling his breathing and attacking his pursuers. When it was over he found himself tired and bloody as he was leaning on a wall and looking at the pile of bodies of his enemies. His body had several more holes in it as he was slowly bleeding to death. He smirked as he smoked one last cigarette before he closed his eyes for the last time.

Suddenly he woke up with a pounding headache and felt heavy. His memory was fuzzy as he looked around and saw himself in a field out in the open and alone. As he tried to remember who he was and why he was alone in a field he noticed he was wearing samurai armor and holding a large battle scythe. As he looked up he saw a harvest moon overhead while lying in a field. To his right was a right is a cobblestone road and to his left was a dirt road. After getting up he noticed he was really alone and left with a lot of questions as he had no one to ask.

Jack: So what now?

Jack looked around and figured he needed to find others to get answers so he followed the cobblestone in hopes of getting answers.


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