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Summary: It's hard for an ex-alliance ex-con to find honest work, Dishonest opens a world of opportunities

Lieutenant Riley Thorne

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Gender: Female

Age: 26

Group: Pilot / Navigator

Physical Appearance

Riley has reddish blond hair and blue eyes, she is 5'7, and fair skinned. She has a muscular build, which comes from a regimented military lifestyle. She keeps a treadmill in her quarters as well as a chin up station to ensure she stays in peak physical condition.

Job / Skills

Pilot, but after the war has served aboard ships in various jobs, most notably Space Hand. (A space hand was a crew member who served aboard a starship as a general crewman. Space hands were generally employed to load and unload cargo and serve as general labourers.)

Back Story / History

Riley Thorne was born on Ares, a planet which has always placed a great deal of emphasis on naval or military service. Service people are seen as heroes, and service was the only way to guarantee citizenship. Ares, and its militia fought in the Unification War on the side of the Alliance.

Thorne attended a government run maritime academy, graduating in a class of pilots for Ares's naval fleet. She was assigned to Jac Alcott's 99th squadron - primarily a transport armada - where Lt. Thorne flew several classes of ship. Eventually she was assigned to the Callahan.

After the Battle of Serenity Valley was won, the ship was assigned a supply run to Naidion, a remote mining planet, by- passing the planet Alislia which was in far more need of supplies. Upon their return to the fleet, the Callahan was boarded by members of the navy's security forces. Several thousand kilos of tetrahalcynate - a drug with the street name Mach 5 was found on board. Mach 5 use in the 99th division was epidemic. The drug kept crew members both relaxed and alert in stressful situations, allowing them to perform better under pressure as well as keeping pilots awake for longer periods of time. A full scale investigation was launched. Larsa Grail - the ship's captain and purported ringleader received the highest sentence possible - 35 years on Daindaari - a military run prison with zero chance of parole. For their part, Thorne and the rest of the crew received a year in prison and a discharge from Ares's Navy, but they would still be allowed to fly for the Alliance.

Completely disillusioned with the Alliance and their unfair trade embargo policies; unable to return to her home planet, Lt. Thorne has served as a pilot for hire and ran odd jobs until meeting Captain Keller. So far, she's the one crew member whose managed to stay aboard his ships the longest. It's unclear as to why.

Hooks / Interaction Hints

Like most pilots in the 99th squadron, Riley depended on Mach 5 to better her reflexes during skirmishes in the air, and to stay awake for days on end during long haul cargo flights. It's not an addiction per say, but she does keep it on hand 'in case of emergency' aboard the ship, and will become antsy if she feels her supplies are too low. Long flights are more of a want to take it, adrenaline spikes trigger more of a need.

Moderator Comments

The ship is actually in Riley's name. She doesn't know this. The captain thinks too many idiots lose their ships in poker games or foolish bets, this ensures that can't happen. All docking fees and debts have been racking up in Riley's name as well

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Image of Lieutenant Riley Thorne
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