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Summary: We stay together...

Gill and Haddie

Gender: Brother and Sister

Age: 15 and 9

Group: NPC's

Physical Appearance

Gill has dark hair that flops down over his shy brown eyes. In his mid-teens he is skinny and getting a little lanky in appearance. The hat and goggle he sometimes wears were his fathers.

Haddie has flame red hair and wears a glass patch over one eye. She mostly wears baggy clothes and carries a leather satchel that belonged to her father.

Job / Skills

Gill is getting stronger as he gets older but has not yet found his niche. He is loyal and hard working, and spends a good amount of his natural talents looking out for his sister. A calling that has given him good reflexes and a sense for danger.

Haddie - Silent and deadly, this little hellion has earned the nickname "shanky" due to her propensity for poking sharp objects in people she does not like. She is an accomplished thief and pickpocket and has an natural affinity for ship mechanics. Something that the last ships mechanic was quick to recognise just before Haddie almost got her killed.

Back Story / History

Their family were deep space charters captured by Reavers. Their ship was taken and their parents killed. These two only survived by hiding in the ventilation system for over two weeks. The Reaver vessel was destroyed in a battle with an Alliance Frigate and the children were found by the authorities following the battle.

(Haddie had been injured. Blind in one eye and unable to speak. Though the latter was diagnosed as psychological trauma).

Faced by separation in the system they escaped from an Alliance transport and became stow-aways aboard the Lunar Veil with a view to getting anywhere but there.

When they were found out the crew reluctantly gave them a home and they have been travelling ever since as deck hands and members of the dysfunctional little group. More recently the two have been singled out for their low level criminal activities by an organised gang of thieves and smugglers.

Destination (Passengers Only)

Anywhere but here... as long as they can stay together

Hooks / Interaction Hints

Gill is fiercely protective of his sister and she is traumatised by the loss of their family and what they saw on the Reaver vessel.

Moderator Comments

I love the way your characters only break a handful of the Captain's in character rules and none of the OOC submission guidelines. Way to be a rebel. Looks like we'll have gremlins lurking down in the engine room.

11/15 I corrected Haddie's name for consistency. #OCD

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Image of Gill and Haddie
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