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Summary: An underpaid engineering genius floating from job to job in a blur of drinking, gambling & fistacuff

Thomas Devron

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Gender: Male

Age: 40

Group: Mechanic / Engineer

Physical Appearance

Thomas stands about 5'10" and weighs close to 180lbs. His reddish hair is Cleanly cut and he has a neatly trimmed beard and mustache. His clothes are just basic light brown coveralls with a dark brown coat.

Job / Skills

Primary job/skill is an Engineer/Mechanic. Very good at what he does.
Secondary: Fighter both fists and with his side arm.

Back Story / History

Thomas flunked out of 3 of the best Mechanical Engineering schools in the galaxy. After the third failure, his parents kicked him out of the house and got him assigned to a tramp freighter as deck hand. After a few years, Thomas had shown his mechanical abilities and was soon known as one of the best engineers in the galaxy well, until the drinking starts and thats why David is currently without a job and can never get the high paying job he believes he deserves.

Hooks / Interaction Hints

Loves to drink and gamble and usually ends up in a fight afterwards. One thing he loves even more, is troubleshooting and fixing engines or examining new ones.

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Image of Thomas Devron
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