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Summary: A lonely woman looking for a new start

Aello Dior

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Gender: Female

Age: 28

Group: Medic / Doctor

Physical Appearance

Height: 5′ 9″
Toned body
Blue eyes that look distant
fair skin

Job / Skills

Medical Doctor
Basic self defense, basic combat training (Not a soldier nor an assassin)
Former Beginner Alliance Spy: Calculating seductress. (Didn't finish Spy School Red Dove)

Back Story / History

Aello (pronounced Aloë) formally Angel Dorian, was born to Michael and Angela Dorian, and raised on Osiris, a Core World planet with major Alliance ties. Aello supported Unification, the issue that sparked the eponymous War of Unification. She was young at the time of the war however, and may have been easily swayed by Alliance propaganda.

Much to the pleasure and possible insistence of her father, Aello entered medical school and was accepted into "MedAcad", the best Medical Academy, on Osiris, presumably the University of Osiris. Aello graduated in the top 3% of her class, and promptly moved onto a medical internship, which she completed in a mere eight months (as opposed to a year), and is licensed to practice medicine. Her hobbies included dance & gymnastics.

Despite her normal rigid persona, Aello and her fellow female doctors officially became surgeons when they imbibed quite a large amount of sake, and ended up naked on a statue of Hippocrates. There are also rumors that Aello began singing the National Anthem.

From there, she became a resident trauma surgeon on one of the major hospitals in Capital City, Osiris. That is until she found out her research was being used to enslave the citizens by the upper command. She didn't like the idea of the Alliance Govt brainwashing people with pharmaceuticals to make them obedient. Sadly when she was caught snooping around she was captured and put into the Red Dove program under the threat of her family being killed. She is then sent to "Dove School," an Alliance intelligence service where she is forced to use her body as a seductive weapon. During that dark time she faced many hardships with no allies, however she hardened her heart and became cold and calculating as she used her limited talents to manipulate the system so she could find a way out of the spy business. By chance she discovered one of the higher ups was a mole, so she used that chance to set up his biggest rival to appear as the mole so he could gain more ground before she even graduated from the Dove Program. Then she faked her death, which was not to important since she was an expendable peon. Now she wanders the wilderness a freelance medic and sometimes as a Missionary/Medic.

Destination (Passengers Only)

Wandering Medic
Sometimes posses as a Missionary/Medic

Hooks / Interaction Hints

Wandering Medic hiding from the Alliance who believes her dead. Needs to work but prefers to avoid Alliance territory. Her moral compass is very twisted and she has trust issues.

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Image of Aello Dior
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