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Summary: Dimitri is a simple man, wearing plain clothes and a stoic expression

Dimitri Yolrick

Gender: Male

Age: 36

Group: General Hand

Physical Appearance

Gruff with brownish red hair, thick beard, wide stocky build and a square jaw.

Job / Skills

Technically a deckhand and certainly strong enough in stature (unlike that La-loyd), but handy with firearms, capable of rigging mechanisms and some small explosives.

Back Story / History

Dimitri is new to the whole traveling thing, having been raised on one of Beaumonde's many polluted factory laden cities and dabbling in engineering. He’s recently come into this new venture purely for the sake of a good story and some good cash.

Hooks / Interaction Hints

When not being useful he simply stands and looks menacing due to his demeanor. The Captain's thankful for this show of strength. Dimitri tends to get lost in thought at times, often caught either staring into the vast cold reaches of space or the blazing solar infernos that bring life to the worlds, but as he looks menacing in this thoughtful demeanor too, Captain Keller doesn't mind the occasional day dream either, so long as someone's around to benefit from that menace.

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Image of Dimitri Yolrick
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