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Summary: The Old Man

Rowan Carr

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Gender: Male

Age: 64

Group: Passenger / Stowaway

Physical Appearance

Standing at 6’0”, Rowan’s physique can be described as larger than anything. He lacks the degree of musculature one would normally find in a person, to a large degree, with atrophied arms in one kind or another. A balding head and black-and-white beard completes the form. Two gray-blue eyes are constantly watching, never entirely still on any method or manner.

Job / Skills


Back Story / History

Born on Bellerophon, the Carr family was one whose wealth and overall influence could not be overstated. They held stock in most military corporations, most regions of space, and even operated a private trader fleet of heavy cargo vessels. It was through their methods than many legitimate planetary colonies were supplied in the initial years, through their fleet, and it was their pockets that were filled with credits. Rowan himself, however, took a different path, interested as he was in the Rim, in the great beyond. There always could be more, in his mind, more to see and more to do. As a kid, he took his trips out there, took his little rides of joy on a little yacht out there. He did so for several years, a good enough time to learn the place, learn the ways of the people there.

Rowan was never loved by those about him, though he was always a careful spender. The supplies were drawn to last, the fuel to last, and often the money he was sent as an allowance given to most others he found pity on. Some people never did seem to have enough, yet the cash he could give to them brighten their day as though he’d lit-up the sun. It was a fulfilling thing, something he loved dearly. Despite this, in order to keep his parents happy Rowan continued his studies aboard the yacht with his teachers, always done so; study was required, as was understanding, for him to take-over in the company when they grew old.

Then the war started and, knowing Rowan for what he was, the yacht was boarded by Browncoats. They surrendered without a fight, and yet still the independents weren’t satisfied. They wanted a message sent, wanted to pull on at least one family’s heartstrings in order to bring the war to a quicker end. Messages were sent to Bellerophon, messages that they should lobby for an end to the violence unless their son was to die a bloody death. The Carrs resisted, of course; other methods could be taken instead of the sacrifice of their integrity, the betrayal of the Alliance. Three rescue attempts were made by bounty hunters, three failed, ten hunters dead after it all, and the Browncoats who held Rowan were unhappy with the treatment. On video, the five professors were executed, the man brutalized with the knife and flame.

The family didn’t topple, however; it did nothing for them to bow, now that one of theirs had been broken. The yacht was nearly destroyed by Alliance fleet assets, on information from the Carr family, their son rescued and the men who had taken him all very, very dead. He spent several months in a care unit, recovering from the experience. In that time, however, the Carr Estate was bombed, crashing into the ocean with no survivors. The news always said Browncoats responsible, blaming those at war already. Carr believed much of the same, returning home and giving the responsibility towards his Board of Directors to manage the corporation instead. He had no stomach to prosper on graves.

The subject of several assassination attempts, right up until the end of the war, Rowan’s lifestyle settled on Londonimium for a time, resting there for a time. The reason for his return to a drifter style has been simple, in that a Board of Directors, hungry for a securing of their power, has taken intentions on themselves to rid the galaxy of an aging man.

Destination (Passengers Only)


Hooks / Interaction Hints

- Rowan moves with a heavy limp, most certainly nothing that would normally be developed as his age.
* * *
- He speaks little of his early life and is visibly uncomfortable around those persons obviously associated with the Independence movement.

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