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Summary: "Duct tape and bailing wire...they fix everything."

Marisol Chavez

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Gender: Female

Age: Who's asking?

Group: Mechanic / Engineer

Physical Appearance

Marisol stands at 5'2", with a trim build. She has dark hair, brown eyes, and her light brown skin and facial features indicate a Mexican/Central American lineage. When working, she chooses old coveralls and boots. Otherwise, it's an ankle length skirt or jeans and a comfortable blouse.

Job / Skills

She grew up in her father's garage on the poor side of Santo, learning to hot swap, modify, and jury rig most any part to fit nearabouts any ship. Before her first pregnancy and the war, she mechanic'ed on a few boats. Also once after, when her skills enabled her little squad the chance to escape capture and execution. Marisol can ride a horse. She knows how to cook, and will be happy to take her turn in "la cocina." She also wears a gun on her right thigh when needed, but her heart belongs to a sawed off double barrel over/under shotgun.

Back Story / History

While her husband kept the kids and ran his restaurant, Marisol wore the brown coat. Her leadership abilities and attrition at the top saw her end the war as an infantry captain. After reunification, she and a dozen men escaped the Alliance cordon of the Serenity Valley. Thus began a campaign of partisan/terrorist raids on Alliance and collaborators alike. Her unit quietly disbanded 2 years post reunification. Marisol resumed civilian life, but she and the men she commanded maintain underground contacts with the independent movement.

Destination (Passengers Only)

The engine room, the galley, and the shower are all good places to be.

Hooks / Interaction Hints

1. Marisol doesn't talk about the war.
2. Though we've seen that she and our medic now share a familial bond, neither one will divulge knowing the other (at least not yet.)
3. Unless she's let her temper out to play (typically if she's been crossed,) Marisol keeps a friendly, good humored nature about her. And she absolutely fawns over kids (Haddie, beware...)

Moderator Comments

We can keep her in this post as long as LV needs her. If you get another writer who wants the mechanic slot, I'm sure I can find a reason for her to hightail it.

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Image of Marisol Chavez
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