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Summary: Gets under your skin like a splinter

Serena Edwards

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Gender: Female

Age: 16

Group: General Hand

Physical Appearance

Wide-eyed and “innocent” - at 5’1, shy of 100 lbs, Serena is a slip of a girl with Asian features. She has dark almond eyes and hair that she likes to chemically lighten. She’s fond of wearing it in two pig tails which gives her the appearance of being younger than she is. She generally wears overalls or overall shorts and is especially fond of pastels, pinks and print shirts.

Job / Skills

Former Crew Chief/Recruiter for the Skyhook, currently a deckhand aboard the Lunar Veil
Working knowledge of Sampan class and transport ships
Personal interest in certain types of plants/poisons/toxins

Back Story / History

The Skyhook - Captain Edward Howell - the self-proclaimed Sampan Scourge was known for two things - his shanghai ‘recruiting’ methods, and his ability to skirt around the law by use of contractual agreements. Charming and charismatic, much of his steady crew were young’ins he determined were his, legal and binding. His former pride and joy was Richelle, a bright young girl groomed to take over the ship but a decade and a half later, he’d have a shiny new penny by the name of Serena.

Serena’s earliest memories above the Skyhook involve the Captain - the man did have a special fondness for young girls and Serena was no exception. Three years ago his untimely demise would leave Richelle in charge of the ship, still employing the same recruitment and contractual dealings as the Captain. Now at 16, Serena’s worked her way up the ranks holding the title of crew chief and found herself charged by the Captain with recruiting and training new staff. Life aboard the Skyhook with a jealous half-sibling was harsh, and Serena wasn’t always quick to adapt until she found a way to regain some of the power she was never before able to hold onto.

A hand of Tall Card determined that she be traded to the Lunar Veil whereas a new deckhand she now has to adapt to the ship, crew and a moral compass.

Hooks / Interaction Hints

Once out of ‘shell shock’ - Serena will realize that she’s never had it better than on the Lunar Veil. Or it could all be an act. The player will never tell.

Currently the only two people who know what transpired on the Skyhook between Serena and Vas Jat are Serena and Vas Jat.

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Moderator controlled player to help advance other players story lines.

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Image of Serena Edwards
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