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Summary: Fix 'em or shoot 'em, just tell me which.

Rowan Fox

Gender: Male

Age: 32

Group: Passenger / Stowaway

Physical Appearance

Rowan is relatively unremarkable, being of average height and build.
His brown hair is cut short, though he is at the present exhibiting a rather thick beard. He has a slightly weathered and weary bearing, which is contrast by his intensely blue eyes.
Some tattooing, including an Alliance Engineering Corps insignia on his left shoulder. Unassuming and inexpensive clothing. He does own a side arm and a decent rifle, but keeps them locked up tight unless he’s on a job.

Job / Skills

His career as an Alliance engineer makes him able to handle and maintain most military ordnance, including weapons, vehicles and some ship mechanics. Rowan is also a decent marksman and can handle an array of weaponry with confidence.
He possesses some basic programming and hacking skills, mostly learned as work-abouts for keeping broken ordnance going in conflict.

Back Story / History

Rowan was born to a wealthy, military family from Colchester. (His real surname is Harrington) He grew up with first tier education and lived a privileged childhood,tended many formal parties
Former Alliance Combat Engineer
Dishonourably discharged for [REDACTED]
Disowned and disinherited
Now a wandering mercenary
Alcoholic, now t-total

Destination (Passengers Only)

Any hub that offers jobs

Hooks / Interaction Hints

Tinkerer; likes to make things out of odd scrap. Small sculptures, weird bits of jewellery and the like.

Accent; although he does, on occasion, make use of the parlance more common to the outer regions of the ‘verse, it is generally quite obvious by his more well-spoken habits, that he is from the core worlds.

Musician; his affluent childhood meant he was schooled in various musical instruments, including the piano, violin and guitar. He has a decent singing voice too.

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Image of Rowan Fox
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