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Summary: Deckhand and Roustabout

Elle Schippkotte

Gender: Female

Age: 23

Group: NPC's

Physical Appearance

An unremarkable 1.65m, Elle is somewhat stockier than other girls her height massing in at almost 60 kilos. It shows in the muscles of her back and thighs, legacy of a laborer's life. Not quite red hair is chopped off raggedly at the ends and worn back in a careless, broad stranded braid that's easy to keep out of the way. Lines at the corners of her brown eyes speak of endless days spent squinting in the bright sunlight of the open ocean and her skin has never seen moisturizer. A veritable Verse of freckles mar rather than beautify her face and body. Elle dresses in rugged but low class clothing, either a jumpsuit that is often unzipped and folded down to her waist with a simple man's wife beater worn as both shirt and bra or cargo pants and a loose long-sleeved work short. Both are stained and hand repaired with patient stitches. A well worn work knife is always on a belt about her waist along with a pair of work gloves stuffed into it when they're not on her hands.

Job / Skills

A general laborer and roustabout, Ell offers a strong back and the willingness to use it to stay fed. She is able to shift and stow cargo, provided someone tells her how they want it done. She can chip and paint, clean and sweep, fetch and carry. Elle worked the decks and holds of fishing vessels both large and commercial growing up on Newhall's vast ocean. If it's dirty, sweaty, tedious or just something no one else wants to do she's generally the girl assigned to get it done.

Not widely known - Elle is both illiterate and innumerate.

Back Story / History

Newhall's world spanning ocean is a precious commodity to the Verse. With water in great demand for terraforming and agriculture the seemingly limitless reserves that cover the planet are its major commodity. Great desalination plants collect it, process it and send it off to bulk freighters and boutique dealers to be transported and sold off planet. Though settlers and workers are offered generous incentives by the Alliance to relocate to Newhall, Elle was born there and received no such financial boon. She feels like the endless ocean is a prison without bars and has a wanderlust to escape.

Those that don't work for the water industry roam the blue fishing. Elle grew up in a small vessel, cooperatively owned by her family and others. There was never time or money for school. Keeping the family afloat and fed and with a little bit of cash in their pockets was more important. Hard work became her dolls and toys. When Elle was in her early teens she signed on to a larger co-op's vessel to bring more money in for her family and to make way for her younger brothers and sisters.

One of Newhall's legendary storms took them down into the depths, leaving Elle alone. A not uncommon fate and one that no one felt especially sorry for her, including Elle herself. For the few years she continued to work and save until she had enough to make it off planet as a deck hand on a water freighter. Several low paying trips have brought her to Verbena where she's come to seek work on another ship.

Elle can neither read nor write nor do her numbers or any sort of math. She has no formal schooling and little knowledge of the politics of the Verse. What she does know is the importance of crew and working hard.

Destination (Passengers Only)

Not Applicable

Hooks / Interaction Hints

Can she be taught her letters and numbers? Is it lack of opportunity or a real inability to learn them?

How does Elle clean up? If someone takes the time to put some pampering to the girl will she pass as almost cute rather than plain? How will she feel about it and about the attention?

Just because she's a laborer doesn't mean she doesn't have feelings. Can you get past her worker bee exterior into her hopes and dreams? Does she even have any?

Moderator Comments

I'd like her being illiterate to remain something of a secret for a while and bring a bit of story to the game. Someone will finally realize it or it can come out as a potentially dangerous thing if something requires she be able to read or do math.

This character is not owned by anyone. You can adopt them if you become a member of this game.

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