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Summary: Can I poop here?


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Gender: Male

Age: 2

Group: NPC's

Physical Appearance

Rebel is a 2 year old Bluetick Hound. His left hind leg is missing.

Job / Skills

1. Being a Good Boy.
2. See #1.

Back Story / History

Rebel was raised from a pup by a widowed farmer and his 2 boys on Verbena. One day, he chased a rat under the wheels of the family's buckboard, to receive life threatening injuries. After the boys brought him to Lunar Veil, his life was saved, but he lost a leg in the process.

Destination (Passengers Only)

Got a bed in Doc's room. It's good. Got a spot for pizzlin' in tha cargo bay. And the galley. I love the galley.

Hooks / Interaction Hints

Rebel loves a treat, a scratch behind the ears, and a good butt scratch. He loves to curl up near kids, especially Gill, the closest thing he can find to "his boys."

Moderator Comments

Rebel is an NPC. Anyone on the crew is free to write him into their scenes, or to write his own POV. Just treat him nice, 'cuz he's a Good Boy.

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Image of Rebel
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