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Summary: ... sniff sniff ...


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Gender: Female

Age: 2

Group: NPC's

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Daisy is a blue ribbon example of her breed, Drog Kyri. She is a strongly boned, muscular, but handsome and even-tempered molosser. She stands 33 inches at the shoulder and tips the scales at 200 pounds.


Gaurd the ship ...
... and get Tummy rubs.
Watch the children ...
... and get Tummy rubs.
Glare at strangers ...
... and get Tummy rubs.


Dasiy was mistakenly added to the inventory when the ship was delivering her lot to New Kashmir. While on the way she gave birth to three pups. The downside to all this was, in spit of Daisy being an unspayed Drog with long blue ribbon linage ... she came with no paperwork to love it. So she and the pups, sadly, had little value. The pups were finally sold to a good family and Dasy not make her home in the cargo bay or in front of the Crew Chiefs door (She doesn't do ladders.)

Occupation / Skills

None. She's a working dog and pulls her own damn weight!

Favorite Food

Drogs are famous for there uncanny intelligence and ferocity. They have a well-earned reputation.

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Image of Daisy
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