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Summary: What is it I can do for you?

Lawrence Chakel

Gender: Male

Age: 25

Group: Passenger / Stowaway

Physical Appearance

Stands 6’2”
All of 182 lbs, lanky arms and legs to go with it.
Medium length black hair kept back
Has several burns and scars along his arms and chest.

Job / Skills

Sells prescription medications and several kinds of natural herbal mixtures

Back Story / History

Raised by a wealthy pharmaceutical selling family, Lawrence quickly rose to become an intelligent and charismatic caretaker for those too poor to pay for higher care.
He has been traveling for several years, doing his best to make sure the downtrodden of society get the medical attention they desperately deserve.

Destination (Passengers Only)

Verse traveler

Hooks / Interaction Hints

He works as a part time psychiatrist.

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Image of Lawrence Chakel
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