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Summary: "I brought a book with me to the war. A dictionary. I figure it has every other book in it."

Jackson Renfield

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Gender: Male

Age: 38

Group: General Hand

Physical Appearance

Jackson is relatively tall, standing around 6'2", and weighing around 180lbs. He has blue eyes and longish, messy black hair that is beginning to gray. Jackson has an expressive face and a frequent smile, almost as if he's constantly laughing at his own joke, but if one were to look closely the darkness behind his eyes become visible. He dresses simply, in clothing more suitable for comfort than anything else.

Job / Skills

Only the barest medical knowledge.

Forgery of physical documents, often hand in hand with smuggling. Along with a knack for (legally) picking up useful things, earned him the title of 'acquisitions officer' in the war. He's also begun teaching himself a bit of digital forgery.

He's never been arrested by the Alliance, and his record only reflects that he served for the Independents.

Back Story / History

Jackson grew up on the Border Planets to a former Core doctor and his wife who had moved out to the frontier to help those with less access to good medicinal care. Jackson's father wanted him to follow in his footsteps as a surgeon but Jackson quickly flunked out of med school on Bernadette. When the war came along Jackson was quick to join the Browncoats and convinced his father to also join as an army surgeon, leaving his wife and Jackson's mother behind on Athens. Jackson wasn't much of a soldier, serving with his father in a medical unit as an orderly and clerk where he had many friends. This was the environment where he gained a reputation as a scrounger and began using forgery on occasion to get them the supplies they needed. His father was rather disapproving of this, and often reprimanded Jackson for it, but never officially reported him. Their superiors either didn't know Jackson was the culprit or turned a blind eye because the supplies were badly needed. Most often he'd forge documents requesting Alliance medicine be sent nearby, then stealing and smuggling it to get it to the surgeons. Not everything he acquired was done so illegally however; Jackson tended to keep things he thought could be useful in the future. He was often proved right.
After the war Jackson's parents and many close friends were dead and he took to heavy drinking while trying to figure out what to do with his life. After an incident however he swore off drinking. He landed on Ezra and began started an innocent post office there, but off the books he could still get you what you needed if you paid well and didn't ask questions. Alliance officials have been suspicious of him but have never formally made an arrest. Eventually cabin fever and a morbid, lonely depression drove him offworld to travel the 'Verse before his death. He seeks only a chance to work and a purpose in life.

Destination (Passengers Only)

Not Applicable

Hooks / Interaction Hints

Jackson was a Browncoat, though he prefers not to talk about since almost everyone he cared about died in the war.

He never explains the origins of his acquisitions if he can help it. Some are entirely legal, some are...not.

He knows what life is like both on the Core and Border planets and has an interesting perspective on people and how life oughtta be lived.

He loathes alcohol and grimaces at the sight of it.

Moderator Comments

Jackson's usual method of acquisition is to forge a document requesting an item be sent somewhere, then picking up the item and smuggling it to where it's been requested.
Jackson is severely depressed and somewhat self destructive, and was a definite alcoholic as a result, but after an incident when he was drunk he's sworn it off and tries to limit his destructive behavior to himself.
Also if a Browncoat character ever needed something badly but couldn't immediately get it, they might know of (or actually know) Jackson as the guy who could get it for them.

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