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Summary: In my defense, I was left unsupervised.

Tim Casey

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Gender: Male

Age: 31

Group: Lunar Veil

Home Planet

Planet: Ariel
Home Town: Ariel City


Tim stands 5'11 with sandy brown hair, sun kissed skin and brown eyes. He could best be described as lanky with a ‘swimmer’s physique’. He fights to keep his perpetual bed head in check, sometimes overcompensating with hair gels or spray. He’s comfortable in almost any style, as long as it’s form fitting, and in his opinion, he cleans up real nice when he gets a mind to.


Tim is friendly, outgoing, and depending on who you ask, a bit of a prankster/goofball. Live, Love, Laugh is his mantra, though not in that order. He sometimes masks his feelings with humor, but he’ll be the first to offer a shoulder to cry on or some words of encouragement which may - just may - make up for the garter snake he hid in your boot earlier that day. He is an avid swimmer. Ask him about his team at the University if you want to kill a few hours. He loves to dance and would rather hit a club than a bar, that's usually where you'll find him on his downtime Tim can be a bit high strung, and often finds relief with THC, though he never smokes while flying

Occupation / Skills

Pilot of the Lunar Veil

While his primary skill set is that of being a pilot his skill is a little of this, a little of that. He's a jack of all trades regarding the ship as he had to wear many hats to fill missing needed roles. This has also expanded further under Jagos employ going from a standard cargo ship to mercenary ship.


His charm, his wit, his cologne and collection of hair-care products.

Back Story / History

Tim's father owned a fleet of transport ships on Ariel. He’s worked around ships his whole life, and studied business for a stint after he graduated. He spent his summers ‘building character’ by working on boats, his father insisting that he had to know each job inside and out. He learned to fly Sandfly and Sampan class ships at a young age, and was being groomed to take over the family business. Local competition as well as some poor decisions on his father's part left the company bankrupt. Tim would later find out that there were more shady dealings than he cared to shake a stick at, and while the elder Casey is well connected, he and Tim parted ways. Cut off from his income, Tim’s taken jobs as a freelancer since. He's built a rapport with Captain Deckhard and has been flying with him for some time now.

Tim speaks with a south-midwestern accent.

Favorite Food


Theme Song

Life Is a Highway - Tom Cochrane

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Image of Tim Casey
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