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Jago Deckard

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Gender: Male

Age: 52

Group: Captain

Physical Appearance

Jago stands at an imposing 6’0 at 210 pounds and looks like a man who never stops lifting weight a day in his life. Even at his age he is nothing but hard lines and muscles. His formerly chestnut hair and beard have long turned grey, which he keeps neat, trim, and short. Jago prefers simple but sturdy dark-colored clothing.

Job / Skills

Jagos a former merc and has all the important bits down that has kept him alive so far. He decent with a variety of guns, know-how to shape and plant explosives, and while he used to be able to brawl with the best of ‘em age had finally caught up to him. Instead, Jago has had to adjust his strategy. He relies a lot on preparation, strategy, and cleverness vs big guns and stand-offs.

Back Story / History

Jago is a survivor. His life story is really as simple as it gets. A kid on the street who got into trouble a lot straightened out, joined the military, hated it, and when it was his time he cycled out. He fell in with mercs, the pay was way better, less bureaucracy and the people had fewer sticks up their ass. They also had a much more family-like mentality. He considered himself lucky.

He got older, greyer, and started thinking about retirement. Merc work was a young man’s game anyway and he was definitely not young anymore. Rather than find a plot of land, house, and picket fence … he bought a ship. Called some friends. Pulled a crew together. Merc may be a young man’s game but this salty dog couldn’t standstill. Not yet at least.

Hooks / Interaction Hints

Likes to smoke cigars.

This is he is retirement so he is pretty chill. Do your job and there won't be any problems.

Jago had lotta friends, enemies, and frenemies. You don’t live this long and not build a bunch of connections.

Jago has an impressive collection of guns.

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Image of Jago Deckard
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