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Summary: The cruelty is the point.

Vas Jat

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Gender: Male

Age: 19

Group: Lunar Veil

Home Planet

Planet: Santos
Hometown: Silverton


Vas stands at 6’1 and 175 pounds. He is slim, lean, and very well muscled, having spent his life as a disciplined combatant. Often it’s easy to forget, given his height and physic, he is still a teenager. He is a mutt of the universe, with mocha skin, a straight nose, and bright blue almond-shaped eyes. Vas still has a youthful boyish face with some roundness to cheeks that have not yet matured. His hair is straight and black styled into a war hawk. Vas has an elaborate Japanese-style tattoo that covers his back. It consists of a highly detailed eastern dragon coming down from clouds of sakura and wisteria blossoms, with some of the flowers cresting to his shoulders.


Vas is quite self contained and a bit distant. Serena, his counterpart does enough talking for the both of them. He isn’t shy or squeamish about violence nor is he about its application. It’s more of the fact that he takes pride in his work. Oddly though he is a massive softie, finding joy in stupid little things and is surprisingly sensitive when it comes to people whose opinions he actually cares about. He comes off as childish and naive when it comes to and often is a little trusting with people ruining the tough punk look. He penchant for full-on honesty, he doesn't like to lie and actively avoids doing so. Vas had a temper that rarely comes out, it’s more like a berserk button but basically, he has a hell of a chip on his shoulder when it comes to slavers.

Occupation / Skills

Vas is a Jo Long Assassin

Vas is a fully trained assassin, and while he knows how to use various guns his more of a melee fighter. He is a trained Shaolin monk in the five animal styles, which he expanded to include the Dragon form. He knows how to use and manufacture various poisons and tranquilizers. Beyond that Vas is surprisingly well-read and knows proper etiquette (he just finds there is rarely a call for it) and can garden. Lastly, Vas can not cook. If it's in not soup (which might barely be edible), in a can or premade … it is basically poison and a crime against humanity in a plate. He can bake cookies but that is about all he can do.


Vas's pride and joy is a Jian style sword with no tassel, black and silver inlay grip with a green jade crossguard and an etched blade. He owns a dragon scale armoire, it’s thin and flexible and can easily be worn regularly under a shirt. He owns a variety of blades, tools, and poisons. He owns a tablet loaded with a variety of books. When on duty for the Temple Vas uses and black Kitsune mask and has specialized armor he can use when performing wetwork. Lastly, he always carries around a lighter and clove smokes.

Back Story / History

Vas often looks back at his youth and family with rose color lenses. Mostly because his life since the war was drowned in violence and loss. Like many left behind as children, he was scooped up into the slave trade and drafted to fight in the war. Sold as a child soldier he was shoved from one front to the next. Eventually, he was ‘liberated’ and fell into the shadow of Estaban, who turned out to be an assassin for the Jo Long. Having taken a shine to the kid he was eventually brought to the temple on Lilac and trained to become an assassin. For Vas, it was quite fulfilling … family, friends, job satisfaction. He fit in it, he was wanted and he excelled at his job.
Eventually returning home from a mission Vas ran afoul of some slavers. It got ugly but eventually, Vas exacted his opinion on the captain's profession. This is how he met Serena and the pair bonded pretty quick out of the crisis. Two years later, she continues to be an apprentice of sorts, his apprentice. Leaving the temple for real-world experience, they were found by Deckard running a scam in a pit fighting ring. Their scam was caught and they got jumped. Vas was able to take care of himself, and Serena made 'fast friends' (in her opinion) with Deckard. Deckard offered them a job doing semi-honest work. They accepted. How better to see the verse?

Favorite Food

Duck and Ramen

Theme Song

What Could Have Been - Sting

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Image of Vas Jat
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