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Summary: Man, I need a smoke ...

Vas Jat

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Gender: Male

Age: 19

Group: General Hand

Physical Appearance

Vas stands at 6’1 and 175 pounds. He is slim, lean and very well muscled, having spent his life as a disciplined combatant. Often it’s easy to forget given his physic he’s still a teenager. He is a mutt of the universe, with mocha skin, a straight nose, and almond-shaped eyes that are a striking bright blue against his skin tone. Vas still has a boyish face and what remained of his baby face rounding his cheek some. His hair is straight and black style into a war hawk. Vas has an elaborate Japanese-style tattoo the covers his back. It consists of a highly detailed eastern dragon coming down from clouds of sakura and wisteria blossoms, with some of the flowers cresting to his shoulders.

Job / Skills

Vas is young and strong and learns quickly. He is more skilled in a fight than he lets on. He tends to favor blades (He's a trained swordsmen and knife fighter ...) and fists (... he's a skilled martial artist) over a gun (He's a decent shot and favors close to midrange guns).

Back Story / History

Vas is quiet, shy, and private. He and his sister Serena were found by Deckard running a scam in a pit fighting ring with Vas posing at a tomato can.

Their scam was caught and they got jumped, Deckard was about to jump in and help the kid ended up taking them out by himself. Deckard offered Vas and Serena a job doing honest work. They accepted.

Hooks / Interaction Hints

Vas can bake but cannot cook. In fact, his cooking is downright dangerous to all forms of life.

Vas is a heavy smoker. He smokes Kreteks (a mix of Clove, Spices, sugar, and tobacco cigarettes)

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Image of Vas Jat
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