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Summary: The heart wants what it wants. And mine wants yours.

Anikah Vidar

Gender: Female

Age: 26

Group: Companion

Physical Appearance

Anikah measures five feet and seven inches in height and weighs in at 60Kg. She has blonde hair and hazel eyes. Anikah carries herself with a an ease common among companions. Whether entertaining a client, or traveling through dusty, no-name towns, she's dressed to the nines befitting the engagement.

Job / Skills

Anikah is a companion.

Back Story / History

The day I was eligible was the day Daddy sent me to the Guild to become a companion. He had his billions, his enterprises, his business endeavors, his speculative bets. I was an after thought. My mother, she protested, at least I think she did. My mother was a beautiful woman, but having started my training at twelve, she faded into a ghost between brief visits and letters. Then the letters just stopped. It fell to my teacher to tell me she was never coming back. I was a developing teen, maybe fifteen?

Before the letters stopped, my mother hinted that things were not copacetic between her and Daddy. She visited not long after her letter with bruises beneath the hem of her sleeve. I kept it to myself, but I could see her winces. After she died, I still wrote letters, to him. I sought answers, but none came. The wall of silence was deafening.

The nature of my "schooling" shook me like an earthquake once I realized the beautiful object that I would become. In the absence of my family, the Priestess became my mother and my father. They taught me to sing, to dance, to play the violin. I honed my mind and broadened my spirit. I was a different person, then, whole again. Well, almost.

It was my graduation when the pangs reached their zenith. The other men and women had their families, but for me? Nothing. After the day ended I received a single letter. The paper was crumbling and the handwriting was my mother's. From the beyond, my mother had reached out to me on my special day. I was already in tears when I carefully opened it.

"I am so proud of what you've accomplished. I know I'm not there to tell you in person, and for that I am so deeply sorry, but there's something I must confide..."

In those few paragraphs she laid bare the relationship Daddy had inflicted upon her. The apathy, the physical abuse, and conjugal rape. I think she was telling me all of this in a desperate attempt to vindicate herself for going along with me being sent to the Guild. For the years I missed with her. Instead, that letter ignited a fire in my belly as it became clear to me what had really become of her fate. Just like I had been extra baggage to Daddy, so mother had become an object of wrath.

I wrote a final letter to Daddy. I told him I knew how he had treated my mother, how he had laid hands on her, and I demanded to know how she had died. The first and only letter I received from him simply read, "I owe you nothing. She got what she deserved. You are no daughter of mine."

Those three sentences, the injustice of their brazen admission, the haughtiness was putrescent. I realized then the position, or rather, the station I occupied. I hatched a plan: I would change my name, my face, then I would make my move. I knew daddy belonged to the registry. I'd seen his name there, tracing his membership all through the years he was married to my mother. In those years I was waiting, but now my time had finally come.

I would get even.

Apathy, the scholars say, is worse than hate. It is the lack of emotion for someone or something. Daddy was apathy incarnate, to me, to my mother. I suppose I take after him for that. Yes, it's probably the most important thing he's ever given me. And, soon, it will be the last thing I give back to him. I can see it now: he'll get a wave from a mysterious woman, a specter from his past he can't quite place. Curiosity will get the better of him. And then so will I.

When I summoned the registry his name was absent. Completely gone. The Priestess said he had withdrawn his name voluntarily, citing concern for his health. He got that part right. My reaction prompted the Priestess who encouraged me that once his health had returned that he would surely restore his membership.

I felt cheated. Robbed of my immediate gratification. Why should I have to wait longer? But she was right; men like him could scarcely stay away from their regulars. He would be back, and I would be waiting for him.

I took clients and waited. At first I found the garb of my companionship cumbersome--as if they got in the way of my goal. Instead, I found that my station afforded me a unique influence. I got to hear of Daddy's enterprise, his movements, his tastes. I got to see his tipped hand, the planets traveled to, the company he kept. I followed him, taking work close to where I knew he would be, but somehow he stayed one step ahead.

The years stretched out before me. I continued our dance, nipping at his heels, watching for his name on the registry. I entertain myself now with the skills the Guild has taught me. I can give encouraging speeches, play the violin, make a woman or man feel love--true love--, and I can do it all with a smile. I can also listen for weaknesses, manipulate the feeble with a word, stir dissent with a well placed cough, and bring a person to their knees with a raised brow, all with my smile still in place.

Now, I've lost him. My clients know little or nothing about his movements. It's been months, and I fear the worst has happened to him before I had the chance. I need to cast a wider net. I need to get off this planet. You wouldn't happen to have a ship, would you?

Hooks / Interaction Hints

Anikah wants to kill her father for the suspected murder of her mother. She plans on confronting him before she does the deed with her own hands.

She has insulated herself emotionally and doesn't let anyone close owing to her singular focus. She can be rude, petty, and calculating. She's all things to all people, depending on the situation, but the raw Anikah is so desperately alone. She'll smile at the Captain, and stick out her tongue at the lowly deckhand.

Anikah is bored easily. She's often among other people, alone among many. At least it's more comforting that way, keeping her ears open, always circling for blood in the water.

She doesn't know that the man she believes to be her father was not her real father. She was born out of wedlock, the product of an affair of her mother's, and that the identity of her real father is the last real secret her "father" has up his sleeve.

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