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Summary: Don't worry, everything is going to be okay ...

Reiko Ashcroft

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Gender: Male

Age: 24

Group: Medic / Doctor

Physical Appearance

Standing at an even 6’ Reiko is slim and lean. Fair skin and dark dirty blond hair Reiko has a boyish charm still to his features. Reiko keeps his hair relatively short otherwise it is overtaken by his curls which he greatly dislikes. He had level blue eyes not too dissimilar to his brother, Vas, which is the only feature he has in common. Reiko is always battling a five o’clock shadow but mainly because he often forgets to shave.

Job / Skills

He is a skilled surgeon with core world training. This has also been supplemented further with years of working with the various charitable organizations across the systems. While he is not a stranger to a gun he can’t say he is particularly good but he, for the most part, can hit a target. Most of the time. Hence why he prefers the use of a shotgun.

Back Story / History

Reiko was the firstborn son of Count Dominic and Countess Viveka. He was a wildly curious and energetic child. When Vas came along Reiko was thrilled to be a big brother. The two quickly became inseparable, much to the chagrin of his mother who always fretted about Vas’s low-class attitude rubbing off on her perfect son. In spite of that, he loved his brother.
So it was a serious blow when his mother convinced Dominic to send Reiko away to boarding school to get a “proper” education. Reiko hated the idea and was resentful of his mother for sending him worlds away. There was only a small solace in his brother’s faithful letters and when the war broke out they stopped.
Reiko never knew what happed, the only sure thing that his parents escaped to safety and left his brother behind. He never forgave them for that.
He then dedicated himself to becoming a doctor, something that he felt would truly matter and a way he could help other people. While his parents were pleased to see their son pursue such a prestigious vocation they were less than pleased when he chose to work at a charitable organization as opposed to a glamorous or prestigious hospital in the core planets.

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