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Summary: Now grab onto the table. On three...*Crack!* Oh quit being such a baby!

Enid 'Doc' Pritchard

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Gender: Female

Age: 44

Group: Medic / Doctor

Physical Appearance

Doc's a woman who looks like she's logged many miles all over the "ass end of the Verse" as she would put it. Because of it, her face is somewhat weathered and gives an appearance older than her years. Her hooded brow shaded dark brown eyes seemingly set in a permanent squint with crows feet fanning out from the corners. From the side of her mouth, you can often find a cigarillo tucked in the corner of her mouth. Her frame was wiry and in excellent physical condition like a person who never shied away from hard work. In all, she bore the look of too many summers working in the bush far away from Core World niceties like sun screen. She's a short statured woman of about 5'2" with close cut dark brown hair to keep it out of the way. Her hands are marked with callous scars from being repeatedly cut off and reforming.

Job / Skills

Doc is a skilled combat medic and field surgeon from years of triage work from combat zones to pandemics. In that time, she picked up skills with both pistol and rifle and is pretty competent with them, though she's not one to advertise it. She's also fairly adept in handling finances, having had to manage shoestring budgets of charity frontline hospitals. It has made her both shrewd and frugal when haggling.

Back Story / History

Enid 'Doc' Pritchard was born on Lilac to an upper middle class family of professionals (her mother was an chemist and her father an accountant). Being the 2nd of four children, the pressure was off of her to "carry on the family name" (that honor would go to her older brother Rhys). Education was always prioritized in the Pritchard home, marriage not so much, so Enid was fortunate enough to grow up without the constant nagging of when she'd "find a good husband" like many of her friends were. Living as close to Reaver territory as Lilac was, news reports on attacks were a relatively common occurrence. Reports about skirmishes between Alliance forces and pockets of Browncoat resistance even well after the Unification War had ended were also not uncommon. These cemented in Enid a desire to do something worthwhile, to help people in need, that led her to attending medical school and specializing as a field surgeon. After graduating, she was quickly hired on with a charity organization that sends doctors to places of greatest need. Over the subsequent years, she worked with similar organizations that pop up and just as quickly fold and even self funded a few independent "unauthorized" trips to offer her skills in Black Zones, areas deemed unsafe for civilian travel due to insurrection or violent gang activity that greatly increased the chances of being kidnapped and ransomed or killed. It was in those places where she saw the darkest side of humanity but it was also in those places where she best learned how to handle herself. As a result, it's given her a gruff, dry witted demeanor and a gallows sense of humor. It's not unusual for her to have several saved messages from her family wondering when she's going to come back home after "saving the Verse" and in all honesty, she hasn't decided yet.

Hooks / Interaction Hints

Ship needs a doctor and she's currently running indie. Maybe something goes south with a member of the crew, they're without a doc, find her and are impressed enough at her ability that they offer her a job?

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Image of Enid 'Doc' Pritchard
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