OOC - The Simming Endeavor And A Word From Our Sponsors

Okay, we have no sponsors, that's why we're looking for Gorram jobs all the time!

The Lunar Veil mods (Frankie and I!) were the special guest hosts on this week's simming show on the board. While anyone who knows me knows I don't like to toot my own horn - I LOVE to toot my own horn! BEEP BEEP BABIES! *coughs* I mean, we wanted to represent the LV. As such, we gave the contestants ten things they needed to use in our post which we hold near and dear. We snuck in an eleventh, because we're extra like that.

The objects we used to represent the LV were as follows: (Parsed down from about 20)

A brown coat
A Stetson (cowboy) hat
Upthrust – in any context
A dog eared copy of “Gunfighters of the Outer Rim”
Some clove cigarettes
Prayer beads
A satchel – bonus points if it’s full of ill gotten goods
A jar of peanut butter – bonus points if it’s expired
A large box, bonus points if a live person is for some reason inside
The words “And we’re back” – in that order
A birthday cake because the Lunar Veil just celebrated its first year on Ongoing Worlds

You can check out the Frankie and my involvement here... and if you want read the posts on
The actual game itself.

I think the three contestants did a great job with mashing up Start Trek with Firefly. (Even though I'm NO GORRAM TREKKIE!)

Now if I recall correctly - there was something about... tweets?

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