It hurts when I do this...

Ly was struggling with a sealed can that would not give up the goods. The can opener was her first act, but the battered thing was having trouble keeping traction. That's when she had the bright idea of taking the largest knife to the tiny crease she'd made with the opener. The second act slid in well at first, sweat beading on her brow, but the angle wasn't right so she tightened her grip. A little more pressure and a twist...

First there was the red-hot tingle on the back of her neck, telling her this was a huge mistake. Then, well, then there was the welling of blood from the center of her palm. The can hit the ground, still stubbornly indifferent to her, and she'd instinctually retrieved the knife. The wound bled freely. Knife held perpendicular in one hand, the other spread wide, seconds passed as the shock set in. The bloody knife went onto the countertop, and without rags at hand, the nun pressed her other palm to the gash to stem the flow of blood.

The taste of pennies was welling up in her mouth, but gritting her teeth she put her elbow to the intercom.

"Doc, are you in the medbay? I think I need your help."

She didn't wait for a reply, the warm liquid filling her palms, beading around the edges. She was almost certain that she nicked something deep, but felt only a dull ache. It was silly to be so scared, but she could feel herself slipping into a steadily rising panic. It was with this bloody Namaste greeting that she found the Doc, eyebrows taut. Sweat on her forehead felt cold, and she attempted to breath out slowly, which took visible effort.

The medbay was a brilliantly clean place, whirring with machines and the doc himself sat at his equipment. Ly found the sterile smell comforting, like attention to detail incarnate. Her call had obviously caused him to expect her, as he was facing the door with a quizzical look.

"I was starting dinner and... well, the can-opener didn't work," more like it was a piece of junk, "so I got a knife, and.. I slipped." There were droplets of blood trailing her into the Doc's bay which only got worse when she squeezed her palms together to stop it in earnest.

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