We of the Busted Hand Clan cometh

Lyen let one hand fall from comforting Serena. She, like probably most of the crew, had chalked up the youth's flighty nature to paranoia, but she continued to mention a man, this mechanic. "Don't worry about Marisol; Dorian can set things right. He'll be back soon and they'll both be safe and sound. Now, tell me who is Adham?"

Her soft brown eyes were level with Serena's, though the teen rested on the examination table. Lyen rounded the table to perch on Dorian's stool, but on her way she poured a cup of water for her and...

Then the PA system laid bare through the boat a play that would have been comical, had it not included people she had come to care about. Dorian and... Marisol had been painted in a risque light. She glanced at Serena, feeling the need to somehow safeguard her ears from the onslaught of moans and suggestion spilling from the coms. Instead, the nun stared stone-faced at the ground while the sounds that were, albeit, somewhat intoxicating, played until their crescendo: Jacy was leaving.

Lyen drew on what she knew from working on the engines of Athenian ships--as a part of the monastery's good will and labor force for the city--to wager that in a shuttle that small, she wouldn't make it far. There must have been larger wheels in motion here, something she wasn't seeing to prompt Jacy's departure. She had come to feel close to the Companion, and there was the subtle sting of betrayal in the mystery.

Her brown eyes found Serena's once again. It sounded like Riley and the Captain had made it to the galley, but from then she was without a clue. Ly bit her lip as she rubbed the teen's arm comfortingly. It must be a mite frightful, being stranded far from home in an unfamiliar place, with this kind of theatrics taking place. Her mind wandered back to what she had meant about Adham, and her fear for what would happen to Marisol. In the back of her mind she was wondering, too.

The cup of water she had forgotten in her hand was shaking, dripping in rivulets to the floor of the medbay, soaking her bandage. Ly blinked, "Drink this. I'm not sure how long we'll be in here, but it's probably for the best that we stay, for now." But she couldn't pretend they didn't hear the drama that had unfolded, "On second thought, why don't we go check on Dorian and Marisol together. What do you say?"

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