Heart and Home

Droggies one through six were not at all happy with the idea of landing. Even with copious amounts of petting, shushing, and flat out muscling back into their pens, the drogs never gave an inch. It wasn't until Gil and Haddie had the idea of coaxing them into their landing positions with some discarded scraps of fatty meat that Leo thought would tarnish his demi-god physique, that the drogs heartily obeyed. A few cords lashed around collars and the pups were also ready for their descent. Momma drog had let Gil gently lasso the puppies under supervision and with a satisfactory lick to Gil's forehead in approval.

Lyen stood back to survey the work they had all done when she realized the Captain had said it would be on the frigid side. Not having a coat of her own, Ly thought she remembered seeing an extra one in the engine room. With any luck, it hadn't been claimed or belonged to no one and she'd be set for icy New Kashmir. She couldn't deny she was completely stir crazy and ready to stretch her legs, no matter how cold. The impending excitement of being on a new planet filled her with wonder at what they'd find there, who Captain Keller had lined up for the sale of the Drog Kyri, and what might satisfy as some kind of entertainment for the locals on NK. Nodding her head, she made a mental note to try to find some fresh produce, some root vegetables perhaps, that Marisol could make into some sort of exotic dish. That Marisol was quite the wonder, such a naturally confident and sure human being. Lyen looked up to her and appreciated her generous use of spice, figuratively and literally!

Rounding the corner to the engine room, she didn't check to see if it was occupied, so enveloped was she in her thoughts. The nun made a B-line for the locker where she recalled the coat hung and the latch opened with a jolt. Sure enough, there was a thin yet lined military-esque jacket of some kind. The loops on the shoulders and the brown canvas material was reminiscent of something she'd seen Keller wear when she first met him on Santo. After holding it out in front of her, her head to one side, she slipped it over one shoulder and then the other. She admired the rough material: this would do finely.

The engine room smelled like clean oil and looked spotless. Marisol had done a mighty job keeping this place orderly, despite the tragedy of what had happened. Her brows grew dark as she pictured the scars Marisol must bear after being submersed in the radioactive liquid that had filled this room moons ago. The engineer had her respect not only for her competence, but also her buyout spirit. That she would continue her ethic of precise, yet largely unnoticed work, here and in the galley where she filled the bellies of passengers and crew, was a commendation to her character.

The El Vee's heart was thrumming along in perfect syncopation, the sound of which drew Lyen's eye to the Radion Accelerator Core: the big beauty in the room. It swung away harmoniously, just like she'd seen on Athens. Ly spent time in the shipyard there, repairing ships for the community whose livelihood depended on working machines. It was one of the monastery's contributions to its host village. Her hand fell on the engineer's log, eyes scanning the meticulous notes Marisol had made. "Měilì" (beautiful). The lines, Marisol's initial stroke and flourish, painted a pristine picture of the figures all on its own.

Breathing the engine air, Lyen was engrossed in the log with two fingers to her lips as she felt Riley bend the Lunar Veil toward atmo.

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