Better head on back.

Rowan hefted the disassembled base plate of an Alliance ion regulator onto his already burdened sled. He grunted with the effort, the gruff noise matching the furred, bulky silhouette he cast. Most of it was clothing; a necessity in New Kasmir's frigid climes. Breath condensed around his face, adding to the frost that cling to his beard. He took a moment to assess his haul; a few interesting components but mostly it was scrap. He could really do with another run but he was concerned the ‘Old Girl’ was running out of parts to salvage. She loomed behind as a snow covered mound. Its lines of geometry would clash unnaturally against the landscape, were it not for the compounded ice and snow that blended it in with the surroundings. Not many folk took to wandering all that far into the ice fields, so stumbling on the Alliance wreck left over from the war was fortunate for Rowan, who was struggling to find consistent income on this more rural of planets.

Looking to the sky he noted the small, distant glow of the protostar Penglai was reasonably high in the sky. The main Kalidasan sun, however, was beginning to dip downward. There might be time enough to pull out a few more lengths of cabling, but he’d be pushing it... just then his eyes caught the sight of dark shape against the sky. It’d been a loooooong old while since a ship had come into this nowhere town.

“Well that about decides things,” Rowan muttered, slapping his hands together to get some movement in his circulation. “You gonna help me pull this sled, Doodle?”

At the leading end of the salvagers sled, a lump of material shifted until a little furry, white face with a pink nose came to view.

“Hhrfff!” He grunted, as the ferret snuggled back down into her cosy den. “Figured not.”

Digging his chain-wrapped boots into the compacted snow he began the trudging journey back to tow, pulling the weight of his spacecraft bits behind him. There was, he knew, little point having more salvage if it meant missing out selling, and new faces were more likely to be wanting.

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