Gill and Haddie sat strapped in as the ship hit atmo. He had managed to grab a few hours sleep after the last nights fiasco and had spent the whole time having rather vivid dreams of the impromptu audio porn the crew had been treated to. Only in his dreams it was not the Doc and Marisol is was... no he wasn't going there.... His cheeks grew red even as a shadow of the thought brushed his mind.

Haddie peered up at him with a questioning frown and he returned an embarrassed grin. Thank god she couldn't read minds or he would never live it down. Or could she? She seemed to be giving him a knowing look and that sly smile? No.. nope. He looked away the blush creeping around his neck and turning his ears bright pink.

He saw the old Cortex pad then sitting discarded on the side. It was flashing to indicate an incoming message. Quickly he snatched it up and flicked the screen to activate it. Who could be dialling in? He had forgotten which planet he had picked the damn thing up from... and so far he had only used it to mess around with a few games.

He stared down at the display, his heart suddenly in his mouth. It was in incoming visual transmission and it was for him... he glanced at Haddie who was peering at the screen with interest. She had seen his name there as well and she looked on with interest.

"How do they know its me?" his sister only shrugged in response. In a sudden panic he hit reject and shut down the pad, throwing down on the table. Who was trying to contact him? How had they reached that Cortex pad? His mind raced but he had no answers. Once they landed he would take the thing as far away from the ship as he could and scrap it.

He could not shake the feeling that it was the Alliance. He and Haddie were wanted, there was a small reward out for them. Maybe not so small after what he had done to Old Joe on Santo. He still had uncomfortable memories of the bones crunching as the old mans dog made a meal of his recently severed hand.

There was a sharp jolt as the ship landed.

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