Burning In...

Marisol cast a glance over her quarters. The bed was now rebuilt, neatly made with fresh sheets, blanket, and pillowcases. The shelves were emptied and wiped clean. The deck glistened from a fresh mopping. She’d packed her duffel, and left it tucked inside the wardrobe locker, along with a fresh change of clothes for afterward.

”… Welcome again, to New Kasmir, and thank you for flying the Lunar Veil.”

Keller’s announcement roused her from a moment’s troubled reverie. Landing…time to wrap this up. The mechanic clambered up the ladderway, before making her deliberate way to the engine room. The sight of an open hatchway furrowed her brow; the last time had preceded Jat boiling out from engineering with accusations, fantasies, and violence. As she stepped through the entrance, her hand clutched the wrench secreted in her pocket.

Fortunately, no psychotic this time. She relaxed at the sight of Sister Lyen. The nun stood at the mechanic’s work station, engrossed in the engineering log as she traced entries with a pair of slender fingers. The nun was wearing a coat from the storage locker. She makes a worn out coat look like a fashion statement, the mechanic gave an amused smile. “A little light reading before we land?” Marisol asked. “No no no,” she gestured for Lyen to stay. “Just buckle up,” she pointed toward the straps. “We’re in re-entry sequence.”

Marisol clipped a hip loop to a handrail. “Have a look,” she offered. “During atmo entry, the action’s all spelled out on the screen. Hull temperature, internal O2, flight attitude, fuel burn. Do you feel that?” she asked. “Riley just rotated the atmo engines. It’s about to get noisy,” she smiled.

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