Whose side are you on anyhow pt 1

Vas, who already spent the majority of his time in the cargo bay really didn’t have to go far to report in. So it was no surprise he was already there. Mostly he just needed to prod the Captian in regard to what to do next with the Drogs! Particularly the plan with the Moma and pups.

Now to be fair Vas didn’t know the finer point of dogs, breeding, and sale. He did know though these Drogs were worth a mint each, the males that were, all champion lines, hell each of folder with their paperwork was pretty damn thick! Chock-full of medical history and lineage. Even the Moma dog was worth something just on account that she wasn’t fixed. The puppies though … sadly weren’t worth spit in spite of how adorable they were. That much he did know.

“Captain.” Vas straitened when Keller came on deck. “What’s the plan when we touch down, for the pup and the Momma Drog I mean?” He asked the shop rocking some as they hit atmo.

“Try an’ get as much for ‘em as possible.” The Captain replied. “Way I see it, free credits, so even if we don’t get full value, we get something. The mama drog ain’t fixed, I’m assuming she’ll fetch a pretty penny, but hard to tell, without papers, they’re just going on my word, and hell if I’d do that myself.”

“But … we got a buyer lined up right?” Vas asked curiously. “For the males at least?”

“One Riley aboard this ship is about all we need, my contact on Valentine ain’t never steered us wrong. Of course we have a buyer lined up, son do you think we’d fly the hell out here from the core on a whim? Quit questioning me and just get them drogs ready to transport.” The captain snarked back.

“Momma and the pups?” Vas inquired again having not gotten an answer. “Figure they’re staying behind, for now, pups is still too young for sale anyway.”

“You can leave them here for now, unless we find someone to take the lot of ‘em. We either find a buyer or --” Captain Keller said, letting the end of his sentence hang. “Either way, ship goes back to hairball free.”

“Well … I mean … There still young so we got time with ‘em but … “ Vas cleared his throat. “ … I was just thinking you know, them Drogs, they’re good dogs and them pups may not got papers but --”

“Son, you recall me giving a speech about not gettin’ too attached to the drog kyri?” The Captain interrupted, his question genuinely curious. Sometimes he swears he said something only to find out it was just said inside his head.

“Haddie and them have done good, real good at taking care of them, and there’s hasn’t been any trouble as of late.”

“Then I suggest you find a way to keep it that way. I also suggest while we’re on New Kasmir? You try and find yourself a deckhand who can lift more than 15 kilos, because if I have to keep humping shit - your problem is becoming my problem. Nǐ tīng dào wǒ? (You understand me?)

“Shì de xiānshēng (Yes Sir). There are parts we need for the shuttle so I’ll take Serena with me see if we can find anyone looking for ship work.” Vas answered quickly. “We taken’ passengers this go ‘round?” He asked. Vas figured if they were looking for a hand then might as well dovetail and put the word out for anyone willing to pay to go off-world.

“Do we have cabins available, and are they… inhabitable?”

“Lesse … I been using the Hydroponic room for storage to clear out the rooms. So … we got 4 staterooms cleaned and ready to use. One is being used by that ass hat sex offender ... er … Leo. If the Widow is staying here that makes 3 staterooms open. We have 32 passenger rooms and 20 of ‘em a cleaned and ready for passengers. We would have gotten further along but Drogs got priority obviously.” Vas reported. “Also we got a ton of trash to offload so just so you’re ready for the price tag.”

“Leo?” The captain asked, confused, but the description cleared up who the man was. “Leo isn’t in a state room - who authorized that?”

“Lieutenant. Got more on complained of Leo harassing crew and taking pictures of folk in the shower. ‘Member? Anyway, he was banned from the showers so he got moved to a stateroom with a private shower. Since I ain’t got a gun next time see him sniffing around the showers I doubt anything will cry boo when I go and castrate him and hand him his sack to use as a coin purse.” The punk snorted annoyed. “I’d shoot ‘em but … you know …” He chortled.

“He pays your deckhand’s salaries, so you might wanna think twice because I guarantee he’ll use that coin purse to store the money he ain’t paying us no more. I ain’t saying no one should be harassed - what did he say when you talked to him about it?”

“Why you think I’ve been cracking the whip to get those rooms clean? So we won’t need his dirty coin no more and we take on folk less creepifiying. Serena’s and pro at it, even without druggn’ em. She’ll do great gettin passengers.” Vas reasoned. “Side’s I doubt anyone would mind a pay cut if it means not having to be panted at by Leo.”

“That's... a lot to unpack. Tell you what, put him back in his right cabin, and I’ll have a man-to-man with ‘em about it. I’m sure it’s probably a misunderstanding.”

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