Whose side are you on anyhow pt 2

Vas arched an eyebrow. “Naked photos of the crew and showing his bits to a teen girl is a … misunderstanding? I know he’s paying but he can’t be paying that much.” Fact was the man was terrorizing the damn crew! No one was worth it no matter what. Sure would it mean less pay? Sure but if that men they all could be at ease it was work it. Vas didn’t get it. Was there a funny smell on him that folk just assumed he would be out to lie or embellish?

“Son, ain’t you learned nothing about jumping to conclusions? I ain’t saying this to make your bad situation worse, but two things. You got a stick in your craw about Leo since Ezra, so you’re gonna look for reasons to dislike him. I don’t remember you being so affronted and fired up when it was your lady friend showin’ her bits off to everyone, not to mention whatever toy of the day she all but brought to the breakfast table. And given the fact that there were pictures of you -- plenty of ‘em from what I recall, isn’t it possible that your lady friend put photos in his room, just like she tried to frame the engineer? I ain’t taking sides, and if what you’re saying is true I’ll put a stop to it. I know it ain’t right, and I know havin’ a peeper can’t be comfortable for your crew, and if that is the case, I’ll put a stop to it rather than just grumble behind the man’s back about what I’d do to him.”

“I wasn’t Crew Cheif till we touch down on Valintine. Even after, no one up and complained to me about it -”

“None of your crew complained to you about the woman who you were madly in love with? Imagine that. This is a ship, son. From what I heard from you so far is that ain’t no one talked to Leo just like ain’t no one talked to Laloyd to tell him what - if -he is doin’ what you say - ain’t right. If he gets told and keeps it up - it’s a problem and it’ll be dealt with. Otherwise, whatever issue you have brewin’ in your bowels with a passenger, work it out or stowe it. We ain’t gotta like people we transport. I find passengers gorram annoying as hell, but I put up with ‘em because without credits, we don’t fly.”

“I paid for Jacy, the knife still my back. You ain’t hearing me, I told Lieutenant. She moved him to remedy the situation if she talked to him she ain’t told me. It ain’t a matter of annoying Captian ... “ Vas cut himself short. One time Captain wanted to play Captain he was more concerned about the flow of credit from one passenger instead of trusting his crew to secure more. “ … no matter how you slice it … if you ain’t taking sides … you ain’t on the crew’s side. I never called myself perfect but at least the crew knows where I stand.” He said harsher than intended.

“I ain’t taking sides until I have the facts, and right now the only fact I have is that you want a passenger off this ship. You ain’t - from what you said - actually witnessed any harassment yourself. You also ain’t - from what you said - talked to the man or told the passenger to knock it the rut off. Son if his first point of contact was Laloyd? He might have the wrong idea about the ship. No matter how you slice it, you may be condemning the passenger because you got some sort of gripe with ‘em. I don’t call myself perfect either, but if all you have is --”

“No I get. My word ain’t good enough, Pigtails word ain’t good enough, Lieutenants word ain’t good enough. Yea I a got a bone to pick with Leo, cuz so far my hunch about him been proven right. Still, you got me there. But your givin’ are excuses to keep the man on. Oh I ain’t talked to him? Even though I reported that up the chain so I should take matters into my own hands? That what your saying?” Vas snorted. “Your fast to throw my mistakes in my face and hem and haw about what I should and shouldn’t of done. That don’t change the fact … you don’t trust us.” Vas said with cold detachment.

“Son, I’m going to advise you once and only once to calm yourself down. Right now, you’re belly aching on account of you ain’t immediately got your way. I said I would talk to the passenger. This ain’t got nothing to do with trust. You want him gone and I get that. I know the Lieutenant weren’t keen on having him on board neither, and I put merit in both, I’m just saying - in a nice way - that right now your judgement is a little skewed, and you might be displacing some of what you’re feeling from one situation on to another. So I will -- as I said - take care of it myself, and that will - as I said - entail getting the other side of the story, as well as talking first hand to Pigtails because I don’t want to play the telephone game, don mah?”

“Don mah.” Vas obediently said. Though it still felt like a bag full of excuses to keep Leo and his money at the cost of crew. Vas was Crew Chief if the crew couldn’t come to him with an issue that as on him. But if the Captain couldn’t trust his Crew Cheif’s word …

Merit he said. As if saying he would take it under advisement. Telling him to calm down when he wasn’t even angry! (Granted Vas was indignant but angry?)

The worst part. Captain didn’t deny it.

First Jacy. Then Doc and now Captian. Was this how Love, Loyalty and Trust were paid back here in the black? Vas would never claim to be a man of honor but he was a man who believed in immense respect. In the end all he had was his word, his love, his loyalty and trust. So for it to be cheapened so, dismissed, mistrusted without thought and so easily as if Vas took such things lightly.

It was painfully cleary Captian did not have his crews back. Vas was not trusted so how was he going to do his job?

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