Welcome To Aurora Creek On New Kashmir

Hey everyone!

Now that we have officially landed on New Kashmir it is not unusual for us to scatter about in search of personal plots/cause trouble or further storylines which of course we encourage.

Now just a little follow up on the planet we landed on …

New Kashmir, the 9th planet in the Kalidasa system on which a battle took place during the war. During the battle, Alliance soldiers hid tiny grenades known as Griswolds in apples, which they gave to the Independents; anyone who ate the apples "just sorta ended at the ribcage".

Needless to say folk here have a habit of cutting their fruit before eating it.


The town we are landing in Aurora Creek it a rural town that relies on artisan carpenter craftsmen and sprawling orchards as there primary export. The town isn’t very mechanized so folk go about horses and wagons while most machinery is reserved for use on the farms and for the larger craftsmen houses.

It is currently Winter on this part of the planet so it is the offseason right now and Aurora Creek looks like the platonic ideal of an alpine Christmas village -- set along a cold, clear river, isolated atop a mountain. Get closer, and you’ll see what at first glance looks like gingerbread houses are actually thatched-roof gassho-zukuri buildings. These structures -- whose pitched roofs are three-foot piles of woven reeds, angled to look like praying hands. The town boasts a regular population of 1,630.

The town is preparing for their week-long winter solstice event (basically the equivalent of Christmas) which coincides with the appearance of the yearly northern light due to their unique atmosphere and suns. (Don’t ask me for the science about it just run with it!). There will be lights, treats, music, games and an influx of tourists.
There is a lot of flexibility on what fills up the town as always if you have ideas let us know first!

Remember to keep it rustic and salt of earth! So far we have:

A local saloon (unnamed)

A local brothel (unnamed), and a local sly bar (Unnamed but these folk are fairly open-minded ^_-)

The Crew of the El-Vee have landed just in time for the festivities! We will be having a 5 to 6 day layover on the planet while we get the ship’s affairs in order! Of course, that is subject to change if anyone shoots a fed … again.

Please do shoot the feds folks.

Now normally we have good rhythm we follow but we DO have some new blood so I just wanted to give a little info on how things run when we go wandering off the boat. MK and I have tried some different ways in keeping things orderly and easy to follow that has worked in other games sp were are going to give it a go here.

If your plot is one-shot (or multi-part) that had a defined beginning or end (known as a closed post) you’re fine! Just make sure to label what day it’s taking place (Location would be nice too!) in the title!

If you are writing a post that is open for anyone to join or where you tagging someone, make sure to maintain the same title along with what day it is taking place and the location

We have found this makes keeping track of posts way easier and makes them super easy to find!

Don’t cause too much trouble and by that please cause trouble!

Aim to Misbehave!

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