The pending Kasmir - Before Landing

“A little light reading before we land?” Marisol asked. “No no no,” she gestured for Lyen to stay. “Just buckle up,” she pointed toward the straps. “We’re in re-entry sequence.”

Lyen greeted Marisol with a smile. "I'm sorry to have barged in like this," she pointed to the locker, "I hope you don't mind that I borrowed this coat. The captain said it could be frigid on New Kasmir, and well, I'm used to a more temperate climate," she zipped the coat half-way in preparation for the coming chill, then buckled in where Marisol indicated.

Marisol clipped a hip loop to a handrail. “Have a look,” she offered. “During atmo entry, the action’s all spelled out on the screen. Hull temperature, internal O2, flight attitude, fuel burn. Do you feel that?” she asked. “Riley just rotated the atmo engines. It’s about to get noisy,” she smiled.

She did feel that, and right on queue the atmo engines burst into life signalling that they were within the gravitational pull of New Kasmir. They'd be down in no time, once Riley planted them firmly on the gound. The noise of the engine was exhilariting, like a great crash of waves on the shore. In the din, all she could do was smile and nod at Marisol, while craning her neck to watch the figures displayed on the screen. The hull temperature scrolled forward while the flight attitude reeled to a steady spot: Riley had pinpointed their angle of descent. To her, it was like watching a terrifying yet graceful dance between what forces pressed in upon them, and the ingenuity of humankind.

While Ly watched the screen, she couldn't help but steal glances at Marisol's face. Her gaze traced the machinery in utter ease, read the screen's data, and finally rested on a single spot on the floor where her visage seemed to fly miles away from the Lunar Veil. She appeared preoccupied, or at the very least wrapped up in her own thoughts such that not even the roaring atmo engines could tear her away. Ly made a mental note to trouble the mechanic when they made ground, and see what was what.

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