Shoppers (Landing Day) pt 1

Riley was prepared for the cold weather, wearing thermal, well-insulated gear that was a mix of alliance issue and hand-me-downs, but it was warm. The mule couldn’t go fast enough for Riley’s taste, having Leo that close was enough to make anyone’s skin crawl, but luckily the smarmy bastard wouldn’t be needing a ride back. With her cargo dumped, literally, she rolled to a stop and elbowed him directly to the solar plexus leaving him in an unceremonious heap on the ground. In fairness, he started to make a comment and she did tell him there would be no talking.

Once back at the Veil, she took out the familiar chair and sign, setting each into the deep snow. After a few moments, she used cardboard and a marker to amend the sign.

Crew Needed. Passengers Wanted. Few Questions asked ===> See inside for details.

“Ruttin’ snow.” She complained, The cargo bay with the open hatch was still frigid, but less so and with less wind. The lieutenant brought the chair and made herself comfortable.

With the drogs unloaded, Serena had enjoyed the last bits of warmth of the kennels, stealing glances now and then of Gil as he worked. It was obvious he and his sister had gotten somewhat attached to the drogs, it was hard after all not to, hard to picture them attacking anyone, but she’d heard they could rip a man to shreds, so she was happy to keep her distance.

Back on the ship, Riley warned them not to get comfortable, handing Serena a list of supplies that needed picked up in town, which was fine with the teen, she didn’t so much mind the cold weather and it felt amazing to be out and about.

The cargo bay was quiet for the first time in a long time, almost eerie quiet with the absence of the drogs. Given that they were aboard the ship before she was, it was new, but peaceful, and the gentle scent of cloves only made it more so. “All set, Crew Chief” she chirped before he even came into sight. They both wore parkas and gear that would protect them from the cold - left behinds found while cleaning out the stateroom - while riding the mule for some supplies.

Honestly, this should have been delegated but it seemed the perfect reason to get out and about. After being cooped up in the ship for so long Vas was keen on some fresh air. Even though it was fidged as all hell outside. Beggars couldn’t be choosers.

“Right …” Vas said crushing the remains of a cigarette. “ … let’s hop to he said hopping on and kicking the engine over. “We ain’t to far from the town proper. So I don’t imagine this to be hard at all.” He assured Serena. They did have a list after all!

He too a peek at what looked like a list of house chores. He really should of handed this back to the mechanic, but the lieutenant was pretty adamant about it being him. Like he knew what a … okay that wasn’t a real word … was it? Vas scrunched his now not nearly as bruised looking nose.

“Buddha’s earlobes, I hope they have even a third of what she’s askin here …” Vas tsked. This was after all this was the RIM not a gorram CORE world.

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