Shoppers (Landing Day) Part 3

Vas paused a moment and damn near rolled his eyes out of his head. “Girl, I keep telling you this aint the Skyhook and this ain’t a slave ship … sorry ‘Contracted’ …” Vas said with giant air quotes. “ … ship either. I ain’t killing anyone for sass or insubordination so relax some but that don’t mean I’ll take it lightly either. I’ll take a dressing down from Lieutenant any day so my crew don’t have to. But I give an order ‘specially a simple one like go to your room. I damn well expect ‘em to follow it.” He said tartly frowning.

Vas couldn’t help but be steamed over it still. That women pushed him and she dare be indignant that she all but forced him to drag her to her room. Then Doc coming to her rescue the way he did! Treating him like he done wrong! Thinking Riley would tell him he done wrong! He followed orders. Marisol didn’t. It was as black and white as you could get!

If there was any history it was between the Mechanic and Doc because he didn’t have a clue why Doc would take the side of a stranger over him!

As if Jacy leaving the way she did didn’t hurt enough. Doc all but declaring his mistrust of Vas over a trivial affair, over him doing his damn job, had cut just as deep.
Just seemed lately Vas was thinking he really didn't know anyone as well as he thought. Things were so painfully not simple here.

Serena’s shoulders dropped, not that it was noticeable beneath the bulky coat. “Never really not lived on the Skyhook til now. Sorry, Crew Chief. Didn’t mean no disrespect.”

“Ain’t nothing to be sorry ‘bout.” Vas interrupted. “You ain’t disrespected nothing and no one.” He sighed. “You a good egg kid. Maybe I haven't said so enough to ya, just don’t let the mechanic rub off on you too much.” The punk snorted. It was hard to tell if he was being serious of joking. Maybe a little of both.

“Not really so much. And ain’t no one rubbing off on me, not since I now take a shower with Doctuh Adluh which keeps the passenger, Leo away. You know if he’s … taking passage again?”

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