Shoppers (Landing Day) Part 4

“Wha -” Vas said dumbfounded. He blinked stupidly. Twice. “Wh- w- …” He tried to speak but was WHOLLY stupefied. “Wha- w- Why in the nine HELLS are Doc and you showern’ together!?” Vas said in an unmanly squeaky and horse tone.

“So Leo don’t come in. I was mostly just doin’ like you said, an’ avoidin’ him, but then Doc said I could meet him at 6:15 and it’s really worked out much better.” She explained, not quite sure what he was all getting upset about. “I thought you’d be okay with it, on account of you saved his life.”

Vas shook his head to clear it some. “I just … you know … I mean … Not say who you can and can’t shower with … I just figured …” Vas babbled. “... ain’t he a bit old for ya?” He said bluntly. “To be all … showering together?” Damn ship was more full of pent up horny folk than cows in the ruttin spring!

Serena stifled a giggle. “You … you got it all wrong crew chief. Doctah Adluh wouldn’t do something like that, you -- you said I can trust him, and he showed me he can be trusted. He’s already dressed an’ shaving by 6:15, Mostly he makes sure I don’t have to be alone when the passenger Leo shows up. He’s a good egg, the doctah, and he talks all fancy, but he’s with Marisol. Didn’t you hear ‘em over the PA?”

Well that was a massive relive to poor Vas! Glad he wasn’t that off base with the Doc. “Just … making sure. You’re my responsibility now.” He said off handed. “That PA talk don’t mean nuthing … I mean it might but Doc chases a lot of tail. Heck wouldn’t be surprised if we spied him at the cat house nowish!” Though it might explain a bit why the Doc favored HER over HIM.

He wasn’t jealous. Nope. Not in the least. Serena tilted her head to the side to better examine his expression.

“It’s cold out here so let's warm up and find these parts before I turn into a meatsicle.” Vas said offering a hand to help Serena off.

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