JP Between Blitzen and Largehobbit

Gill looked down at Haddie as she silently giggled and pushed the pups away as they licked her face and pawed at her. Mother Drog was well fed and well used to the kids and she too looked on with an interested quirk to her head. She made a pleasurable growling sounds as Gill reached down and scratched behind her ear.

Haddie shivered and Gill glanced over towards the cargo bay doors where Riley stood touting the usual offer for cargo, trade, passage and paid work. So far there had been no takers and Gill wondered how the woman could stand to be out there freezing as she must be. Mind you, he smiled grimly to himself. Riley was ice cold to start with.

“Wait here.” he ordered Haddie as he walked over towards the pilot. Having being told to stay put Haddie immediately got up and followed. Of course. Gill decided to let it slide.

“Can I get you some coffee?” Gill asked.

The Lieutenant quirked a suspicious eyebrow at the pair, and held up a thermos to indicate she was set drink wise, besides, there was the possibility of rancid peanut butter finding its way into the mug. It was cold, wet and miserable; she was in little mood to deal with crew to begin with. Why hadn’t Jat taken the lot of them?

“I’m good,” she replied curtly, “your crew chief and the other deck are in town.”

“Do you… were you thinking of heading into town?” Gill asked hugging himself and stamping his feet to keep out the cold.

“Just dropped Hen… Leo off that way.” She eyed the two kids and contemplated for a moment. “But I could do for a supply run, get some provisions and such. You happen to know what coat size you and your sister are?”

“Really? That would be… erm medium and extra small.” Haddie kicked him.

“Ouch! Well you are extra small. It's not an insult!” he turned back to Riley. “If you wouldn't mind that would be shinny!” he tried a faltering smile and then thought better of it. Then to his utter astonishment Haddie walked up and reached out and took Rileys hand. Gill stood there open mouthed as Haddie gripped her hand like it was the most normal thing in the world. Don't look up… don't look up. He did not want to see the look of Rileys face…

Riley’s upper lip curled, both eyebrows uplifted as the tiny person gripped her hand. For some reason, the pilot pictured it as stickier, as if the child were perpetually touching jam. Instead, it was just a smaller, if not more calloused version of her own. She looked helplessly to Gil who was diverting his eyes almost anywhere else. She glared down at the small terror being met back with one gleaming eye that looked almost unhateful.

“Mule. Five minutes.” She directed, squeezing the child’s hand extremely briefly before untangling herself.

“I er… thanks! Five minutes.” Gill looked between Riley and Haddie in confusion. What had just happened? Haddie looked back up at him completely nonplussed. He glared at her. What was she up to? Could it be she actually…

“Ouch!” she had kicked him in the shins again and was walking off now after Riley.

“FIVE MINUTES.” The Lieutenant called over her shoulder.

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