A Simple Misunderstanding Part 1

Serena finished the last of her ice planet, even with the frigid temperatures outside, the frozen treat was just as incredible as Vas said it would be. They’d stopped in a little chalet for the frozen treat and a cup of steamy hot chocolate to wash it down before climbing back on the mule and heading back to the Veil. The crew chief even promised that after Rowan showed up with supplies, they could go see the lights back in town.

“I’m gonna find Mistuh Doctah Adluh an’ Gil and tell ‘em about town and Rowan and the Ice Planet and the chocolate drink, I hope Rowan gets here soon with the parts so we can go back out!” Serena told Vas, spinning on one toe still on a bit of a sugar rush.

Vas couldn’t help but chuckle. It was nice seeing her act her age… be normal … do normal things. She had people here to share it with. “Off with ya then… I’ll square things up here. Don’t forget we going to town tonight to see the lights. See if Gill wants to come.” He suggested as he started to work on securing the mule. Wasn’t any point to hoisting it up if they planned on going out later but if there was an emergency and they needed to take flight it would be half ready.

The med bay was the pigtailed teen’s first stop, but it was locked up tight. The handle barely jiggled, and she worried he was in there with a patient, or with Marisol. She tentatively put an ear to the door for the briefest of moments, deciding if there was something going on, she didn’t want to hear it. She tentatively tried knocking on his bunk door next. Still getting no response, she skipped down to Gil and Haddie’s room only to find they weren’t in their bunk either. Not to be deterred, she made the galley her next stop. Her stomach was full up and slightly queasy so food was out of the question, but Doctah Adluh or Marisol might be milling around, and Gil - Gil was always hungry it seemed. Besides there was talking - laughing from the Galley, she recognized the Captain’s voice, and she could tell him everything over a glass of whiskey poured if he were done eating. “Captain! Crew Chief and I -- “ She skidded to a halt after entering the galley, seeing he was seated at the table with the passenger, Leo. “Oh.”

“Pigtails.” The Captain drawled, waving her into the galley. “Come, come, Glad you’re here. I was just talking to …” he waved his hand toward Leo “and I been meaning to talk to you too.”

“About, Captain?” She asked nervously, stepping into the galley as if the floor were made from hot coals and she were barefoot.

“Seems there was some sort of misunderstanding or such between you two. The … uh…” he held his hand above his head with a back and forth gesture.

“Rooster?” She said in as small a voice as possible.

“Rooster, right, brought it to my attention. Sit, we’ll sort this out.” Serena checked behind her, hoping someone, anyone were around, the crew chief usually materialized like a cat without a sound, or Mistuh Doctah Adluh who kept Leo away in the mornings but neither was about. She pulled out the chair at the head of the table, the opposite of where they were sitting, but the Captain waved her towards their side with a “C’mere” gesture of his hand.

“We don’t bite.” Leo added from behind his drink. He sat spread out in the chair swishing a cupful of brandy.

Ugh, did everyone use that expression? The Crew Chief bites. She wished the Crew Chief were there to bite someone if needed. Or Doctah Adluh, or Marisol, or Gil even. With the Captain on one side of the table and the passenger, Leo on the other, Serena reluctantly slid into the chair at the foot of the table between them both, where the Captain pointed.

Leo took a sip with a pleasant smile, watching Serena take her seat.

The deckhand kept her eyes forward, her features frozen as she leaned more towards Keller’s side of the chair. “Whiskey?” The captain offered, picking up the bottle to show her. Serena shook her head no in response, causing Keller to shrug and pour himself another glass. “So, from what I gather talking to both the crew chief and the passenger here, this whole thing has been blown out of proportion, stems from some sort of confusion regarding the co-ed wash room."

Leo simply quirked his eyebrows innocent as a lamb but said nothing… yet.

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