A Simple Misunderstanding Part 2

“I -- “ Serena began, but the words caught in her throat. She wasn’t sure what the Captain was looking for. Was she supposed to apologize to Leo for something? That didn’t sit right at all, and upset an already upset stomach. Best to just get it over with. “I’m sorry?” she said quietly, her voice at the end raising slightly to form a question.

Captain Keller chuckled. “No need to apologize, I told Leo here it had to be just a simple matter of confusion. It’s okay, you can speak freely. What do you think happened?”

Serena swung her eyes pleadingly towards Captain Keller, who nodded to her with a wave of his hand as he took another drink. The teen cast her eyes back to the table, shooting the briefest of glances towards Leo. “He… accosted… me?” she asked quietly, causing Keller to stop mid sip.

“In what manner did I accost you, exactly?” Leo asked, hiding a smirk behind his glass of brandy.

Serena chewed the inside of her lip and shrugged, trying to remember the definition, but her brain was in so many different directions and her heartbeat was so loud in her ears she could hardly think. “Mistuh Doctah Adluh said you did, and Crew Chief said he wouldn’t lie.”

Keller frowned or quietly belched, it was sometimes hard to tell, and exchanged a knowing glance with Leo across the table. “So the doc put this idea in your head?” The teen hoped the floor would somehow open up and swallow her so the whole thing would just be over.

“Yes. No. I mean, that’s what he said, the word he used.” Serena’s head was spinning as she tried to remember exactly what happened, to make sure she used the same word as the doctor, he used a lot of fancy words all the time. “After I told him .. He said it… and…”

“Captain … “Leo said turning to Keller. “... it’s clear the poor girl got things mixed up. I think it’s plain as day to see Mister Adler and your Crew Chief are protective of the new girl. It’s admirable.” He added in a cool tone. “She’s a shy thing and not use to men in a co-ed situation. Now I’m happy to apo-”

“The hell are you doing to my Deckhand.” Vas growled from the doorway his eyes narrowed as the scene playing out in front of him. It was hard to tell who he was directing that comment o the Captain or Leo. It’s probably a safe bet to say both.

Serena looked up sharply hearing the Crew Chief’s voice with hopeful eyes meeting his cool blue ones.

“Now, now, don’t twist your knickers, son.” Keller said, opening a hand to invite him to sit. “I told you I’d talk to…” He snapped his fingers a few times, pointing at Leo, “about…” he did the same and pointed to Serena, “and like I reckoned, it was a misunderstanding. Seems the doc may have put a notion in her head is all, right Pigtails?”

Serena nodded affirmatively, anything to just make it stop and be able to leave.

“So we were just --”

“Tormenting my Deckhand. You been drinking wood alcohol or just plain don’t give a damn … girl make yourself busy.” Vas said with a tick his head. If he and the Captain were going to hash this it would not be in front of crew.

Serena quickly - too quickly stood up and the Captain raised both his eyebrows. “Sit.” He reprimanded in a firmer voice than she could ever recall him using. Serena shot an uncertain glance to her Crew Chief, then back to the Captain, who scratched the side of his chin as she decided. “Last I checked I was Captain of this boat. I said I was gonna clear things up, and I’m gonna clear things up. Sit!” He repeated. Serena choked back the hot chocolate she’d drank in town and slowly sank into the chair.

Leo chuckled as the scene unfolded, swirling his brandy before taking another sip. Serena did her best to not react as his free hand snaked under the table, giving a brief squeeze above her knee.

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